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3219 Phillip Smith My passion is helping: 💰 1. Newsrooms make more money; 📈 2. News startups grow their audience; 🔥 3. Journalists succeed as entrepreneurs. Let's talk 📩 California https://journalismentrepreneurship.com jsk-fellows-2018 5156 2006-07-27T02:33:10+00:00 0 phillipadsmith
1246761 Cindy Royal Professor at TX State, teaching Web design, coding & digital product concepts. ‘13-‘14 JSK Fellow at Stanford. Live in Austin, loved live music, when we had it. Austin, TX http://www.cindyroyal.com jsk-fellows2014 6563 2007-03-15T20:58:07+00:00 0 CindyRoyal
1545741 Elizabeth Osder Media, Entertainment and Tech Executive... maker of real news... iPhone: 40.739487,-74.002266 http://www.osdergroup.com jsk-fellows2002 1127 2007-03-19T19:43:35+00:00 0 osder
2241921 Pamela Chen 🙋🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ Camera & Photos @apple, curious at heart. 2020 @JSKStanford-@StanfordHAI Fellow, board @magnumfnd, alumna @instagram @natgeo @opensociety ☁️ Stanford, CA https://stanford.io/2O6sojp jsk-fellows-2020 13155 2007-03-26T02:40:05+00:00 0 pc
6199412 Jim Colgan Radio/media/tech. Stanford JSK fellow. Previously Audible, WNYC, SoundCloud. California via New York via Dublin. San Francisco   jsk-fellows-2020 2045 2007-05-21T13:35:41+00:00 0 jim_colgan
7068802 Marie C Beuth deputy editor-in-chief @lopinion_fr • founding editor @businessinsider France • founder @getnod • 2013 fellow @jskstanford • floor rebel Paris, Ile-de-France https://tinyurl.com/FeedbacklOpinion jsk-fellows2013 8697 2007-06-25T13:36:18+00:00 0 M_C_B
7809252 wendy norris Asst Prof @NazarethCollege exploring socially intelligent computing in humanitarian crisis response | @JSKStanford + @cuinfoscience alum | @PeaceCorps Vanuatu Rochester, NY http://wendynorris.com jsk-fellows2011 3121 2007-07-30T03:13:25+00:00 0 WendyNorris
8119452 💀 damned sinker 💀 I did http://impeachment.fyi. Co-host of @sayswhopodcast, formerly @opennews, author of @MayorEmanuel, founder of Punk Planet (RIP), #1 Candle King of Kickstarter Chicago, IL http://dansinker.com jsk-fellows2008 28430 2007-08-11T05:51:44+00:00 0 dansinker
8956962 Kirk Caraway Co-founder Megafone/NowAds, 2012-13 John S. Knight Fellow at Stanford University, online news entrepreneur http://GetMegafone.biz http://NowAds.biz jsk-fellows2013 270 2007-09-18T18:11:50+00:00 0 kirkcaraway
9443532 Rick Attig Dad, Writer and Journalist Portland, Oregon   jsk-fellows2008 181 2007-10-14T21:35:46+00:00 0 Rickattig
9486682 Ezequiel Abiú López Personal tweets by Ezequiel Abiú López. Executive Producer at Noticias SIN @SIN24Horas http://www.noticiassin.com and Foreign correspondent in the Dominican Republic. Santo Domingo   jsk-fellows2008 895 2007-10-16T21:38:33+00:00 0 Ezequiel_Abiu
10794392 Kathleen McCoy Good old dog Clare passed in May, 2014. Puppy arrived in August. Her name is Kiska. Anchorage   jsk-fellows2007 314 2007-12-02T21:45:12+00:00 0 kjmccoy
12956682 David Sarno Founder of Lighthaus (@lighthausinc): Virtual reality science education. Stanford Knight Fellow '13. @latimes tech & business writer 2006-2013 Long Beach, CA http://lighthaus.us jsk-fellows2013 7208 2008-02-01T19:54:32+00:00 0 dsarno
13371202 john temple Chairman and Co-founder, Amuse Labs San Francisco, CA https://amuselabs.com/ jsk-fellows2014 3168 2008-02-12T01:13:01+00:00 0 jtemplejrnalist
14104554 Tim Regan-Porter "Make awesome stuff & be kind while doing it." CEO, Colorado Press Association. Prev: @jskstanford, @mercerccj, @PasteMagazine, @IBM, @McClatchy     jsk-fellows-2018 16335 2008-03-08T23:59:14+00:00 0 timreganporter
14130084 Shazna Nessa Global Head of Visuals @WSJ + President, @ONA Board of Directors / Former Director, Journalism @knightfdn + @AP @CondeNast New York, NY   jsk-fellows2014 4991 2008-03-12T04:35:38+00:00 0 shazna
14282158 Chris Allbritton Former journalist with @Time, @Reuters, and others. Knight '09, writer/editor. Washington, DC http://www.christopherallbritton.com jsk-fellows2009 2842 2008-04-02T10:54:43+00:00 0 chrisallbritton
14370540 jeremyhay Journalist, entrepreneur, JSK Stanford fellow '15 California, USA http://www.jeremyhay.com jsk-fellows2015 897 2008-04-12T19:21:05+00:00 0 jeremyhay
14381600 Tracie Powell Connector. Change maker. Founder. Passionate about all things digital & media. Program Officer, Borealis Philanthropy & 2016 JSK Fellow. RT ≠ endorsement Washington, DC http://www.alldigitocracy.org jsk-fellows2016 3059 2008-04-14T05:29:35+00:00 0 TMPowell
14590178 Michael V. Marcotte Rethinking news, entrepreneurship and Flintstone houses. UNM Professor of Practice. Started @NMNewsPort and @NVMediaAlliance. MVM Consulting for #pubmedia. Albuquerque, NM http://mikemarcotte.com jsk-fellows2011 1176 2008-04-29T20:21:00+00:00 0 michvinmar
14615604 Denis RB lealdade, humildade e procedimento   https://epoca.globo.com/denis-r-burgierman/ jsk-fellows2008 2940 2008-05-01T15:46:23+00:00 0 denisrb
14715942 Umbreen Bhatti Director of @barnard_athena || Fmr Director of @KQED's innovation lab, @JSKStanford fellow, and lawyer. Tweets 100% mine. NYC https://www.linkedin.com/in/umbreenbhatti jsk-fellows2014 1993 2008-05-09T17:44:15+00:00 0 ub14
14743741 federica bianchi A European storyteller fascinated by International Affairs and economic trends Rome   jsk-fellows2009 1030 2008-05-12T13:18:08+00:00 0 federicabianchi
14766481 RODRIGOCARPIO   Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA http://www.zajorynproductions.com jsk-fellows1997 60 2008-05-13T23:45:17+00:00 0 zajoryn
14849874 Matt Crenson Opinions are my own. Facts belong to no one. Washington, DC   jsk-fellows2004 189 2008-05-20T23:21:58+00:00 0 mmcrenson
14908497 luzmariahelguero Periodista, poeta, activista y deportista de remo. Fiel creyente en la democracia y la responsabilidad ciudadana. Peru   jsk-fellows2002 851 2008-05-26T12:33:00+00:00 0 luzmaria
14947379 Tran Ha Easy problems are no fun // On a break from Twitter // Find me on IG // Frmr: @stanforddschool @jskstanford @redeyechicago Chicago   jsk-fellows2014 2472 2008-05-29T19:50:13+00:00 0 tranosaurus
14984915 Andrew Haeg Move fast & bake things. Journalist + entrepreneur. GroundSource (@groundsource). MN is 🏡. Minneapolis, MN http://groundsource.co jsk-fellows2009 4958 2008-06-02T20:53:25+00:00 0 andrewhaeg
15315979 Carolina Guerrero CEO of @NPR's @RadioAmbulante + @elhilopodcast. Breaking the language barrier with @LupaApp. @JSKStanford Fellow. Personal Assistant to León & Eliseo. New York, NY http://radioambulante.org jsk-fellows2015 15419 2008-07-04T07:42:02+00:00 0 nuncaduermo
15587316 JocelynNoveckAP Associated Press national culture and feature writer NYC   jsk-fellows1996 867 2008-07-24T19:25:41+00:00 0 JocelynNoveckAP
15607854 MarshaMcFadden   ÜT: 21.339917,-157.925875   jsk-fellows1995 228 2008-07-26T04:50:00+00:00 0 marshamcfadden
15751494 Roberta Oster Communications Director for @vainterfaith. Advocating economic, racial & environmental justice. Former TV news producer. tweets are my own. Richmond, Virginia http://www.robertaoster.com jsk-fellows1998 405 2008-08-06T15:57:15+00:00 0 robertaoster
15900236 Harriet A.Washington   New York City, Las Vegas, NV   jsk-fellows1998 5650 2008-08-19T03:44:42+00:00 0 haw95
15967248 Justin Arenstein Investigative journalist & #CivicTech strategist. Manages pan-African innovation fund + tech labs. Founder at @Code4Africa + @afriLEAKS +@AfricanCIR + @HHAfrica Africa + Caucasus http://linkedin.com/in/justinarenstein jsk-fellows2010 7603 2008-08-24T07:42:34+00:00 0 justinarenstein
16018986 Brian EdwardsTiekert Co-Host, UpFront 7-9am @kpfa | Environment, Politics, Housing, Police, CA & SFBay | @CWAUnion | Fmr @JSKStanford | he/him Berkeley, CA http://www.kpfa.org jsk-fellows2017 3423 2008-08-27T22:55:11+00:00 0 bedwardstiek
16248718 LisaHsia EVP Digital media at @bravotv @oxygen @universalkids New York, NY http://www.bravotv.com jsk-fellows1993 1374 2008-09-11T22:17:50+00:00 0 LisaHsia
16350120 Claudia Nunez Editor at @latimesespanol and @hrw_espanol Founder of @Migrahack immigration stories with data+tech. Love maps and lose sleep. Knight fellow ’12 @JSKstanford Los Angeles,CA   jsk-fellows2012 1428 2008-09-18T17:55:37+00:00 0 nunezcla
16480721 Lynne Varner College isn't about preparing for a job, it's about preparing for a fully realized life. Associate Vice Chancellor, Washington State University Everett. Seattle   jsk-fellows2004 1468 2008-09-27T02:34:03+00:00 0 lkvarner
16613227 nunovargas Media, Product, Digital Strategy, Design Thinking & Tech. Ever in love with futebol, food and my family. Knight Fellow @Stanford'13 & invented @getdatastory Latin America + Porto,Portugal http://www.linkedin.com/in/vargasnuno/ jsk-fellows2013 2277 2008-10-06T12:54:28+00:00 0 nunovargas
16679508 Geri Smith Spent 3 decades as foreign correspondent in Latin America. Handle media relations for Inter-American Development Bank. All postings reflect personal views only. Washington, D.C.   jsk-fellows2009 774 2008-10-10T04:43:07+00:00 0 GeriLSmith
16700673 Rock’em Sock’em Rosie @WPR, @JSKstanford ‘18, public radio fanatic, often on eight wheels. Madison, WI   jsk-fellows-2018 434 2008-10-11T21:50:07+00:00 0 jenniferdargan
17000789 Matt Kiefer R&D for #FOIA + investigations @washingtonpost #jsk20 fellow FOIAmail creator @chicagoreporter alum @NEIU grad @headlineclub @IRE_NICAR #bikechi til I die Chicago http://github.com/mattkiefer jsk-fellows-2020 1587 2008-10-27T15:51:18+00:00 0 matt_kiefer
17027157 Juan Castillo Editorial Page Editor at the Austin American-Statesman. Austin, TX, USA   jsk-fellows2003 1101 2008-10-28T19:42:55+00:00 0 JuanCastilloAAS
17033026 Gabriela Mafort Branded Content and Video Branding Consultant. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil http://about.me/gmafort jsk-fellows2011 453 2008-10-29T01:22:33+00:00 0 gmafort
17270262 Tom Hamburger Reporter for The Washington Post covering the intersection of money and politics. tom.hamburger@washpost.com Washington, D.C. http://www.washingtonpost.com/tom-hamburger/2012/03/05/gIQABXKfTS_page.html jsk-fellows1996 31856 2008-11-09T16:20:46+00:00 0 thamburger
17272464 aaronhuey Aaron Huey is a National Geographic photographer, a Stanford http://d.School Global Ambassador, and the father of Hawkeye and Juno. Seattle http://www.aaronhuey.com jsk-fellows2012 3683 2008-11-09T19:11:32+00:00 0 aaronhuey
17290577 Diane Cardwell Former @nytimes reporter. Author ROCKAWAY: Surfing Headlong Into a New Life, a surfing memoir. 7/7/2020, @HMHbooks. Lives, gardens & surfs in Rockaway Beach. New York https://dianecardwell.com jsk-fellows2009 3617 2008-11-10T17:25:04+00:00 0 ByDianeCardwell
17511846 carlosmartinezserna Program Director @pressfreedom Journalism & human rights New York, NY   jsk-fellows2014 2014 2008-11-20T14:23:06+00:00 0 cmdelaserna
17526481 Yvonne Leow building @bewildercamp ⛺we're currently looking for beta campers! let us plan your next camping trip. San Francisco, CA http://www.yvonneleow.com jsk-fellows2015 3655 2008-11-21T00:08:02+00:00 0 YvonneLeow
17677665 Geoff McGhee Data vis & multimedia journalism, variously @TheWaterDesk @WestCenter. Former @jskstanford, @lemondefr, @nytimes, @NatGeo My opinions only. Seattle http://www.geoffmcghee.com jsk-fellows2010 3119 2008-11-27T13:26:22+00:00 0 mcgeoff
17701416 Beth Duff-Brown Stanford staff writer; views here my own. Past: AP foreign correspondent, @JSKStanford fellow, Peace Corps. Writing book about one remarkable village in Congo. Stanford, CA http://www.bethduffbrown.com jsk-fellows2011 1441 2008-11-28T06:35:16+00:00 0 bethduffbrown
17714681 Frederic Filloux Entrepreneur (http://Deepnews.ai), editor of http://mondaynote.com, associate journalism professor at Sciences Po J-school in Paris. Paris, France https://mondaynote.com jsk-fellows2017 9008 2008-11-28T18:03:11+00:00 0 filloux
17768092 carola fuentes Periodista, documentalista y socia de @laventanacine. Nuestro propósito: investigar, producir y difundir contenidos que generen impacto positivo en la audiencia chile http://www.laventanacine.com jsk-fellows2006 90026 2008-12-01T01:35:13+00:00 0 carolafuentes
17787248 Richard Gonzales NPR       jsk-fellows1995 228 2008-12-01T19:55:08+00:00 0 RichardGonzalesNPR
18139193 Adriano Farano I've built a company, a pizza oven and a family. Not necessarily in that order. Now Pane Vivo. Ex @Plex @Watchup @StartX @jskstanford @cafebabel_eng Paris, France http://adrianofarano.com jsk-fellows2011 3115 2008-12-15T16:07:32+00:00 0 farano
18197783 Leslie Casimir Freelance journalist San Francisco   jsk-fellows2007 48 2008-12-17T19:54:56+00:00 0 lcasimir
18231471 Andrew Finlayson EVP Digital/Social Strategy @SmithGeiger Helping storytellers on screens with research on 📺 OTT, video, SEO, website, mobile Author "Questions That Work" 👇 818-874-2000 http://questionswork.com jsk-fellows2010 1891 2008-12-19T01:49:46+00:00 0 questionswork
18257896 Ryan Nakashima Product manager, digital subscriptions, Bay Area News Group. Dad. Former @AP. @JSKstanford fellow ‘16-17. rnakashima@bayareanewsgroup.com   https://medium.com/@rnakashi jsk-fellows2017 2068 2008-12-20T01:19:04+00:00 0 rnakashi
18433533 Janet Rae-Dupree Freelance Unboxed Media writer covering innovation, emerging tech, science and more #Binders Silicon Valley http://www.linkedin.com/in/jraedupree jsk-fellows2006 2473 2008-12-28T20:25:40+00:00 0 jraedupree
18734088 Marcia Stepanek Journalist, author, speaker, Columbia faculty, focused on how digital voices/crowds interact with traditional power http://about.me/marciastepanek New York City http://marciastepanek.com jsk-fellows1996 5219 2009-01-07T19:28:12+00:00 0 CauseGlobal
18862139 maureenfan Researching a family memoir about my grandfather's legacy and a long-lost aunt. Former Knight Fellow, ex-WashPost Beijing correspondent. RT ≠ endorsement. San Francisco Bay Area http://www.maureenfan.com jsk-fellows2010 1455 2009-01-11T09:26:43+00:00 0 maureenfan
19041319 Peter H. Lewis Reporter, Asheville Watchdog http://avlwatchdog.org. Noble Prize-nominated writer, Enemy of the People, ex NYT. Asheville, NC http://www.peterlewis.com jsk-fellows2010 1933 2009-01-15T22:01:05+00:00 0 peterhlewis
19086064 janinezacharia Ex-WashPost Jerusalem/Mideast correspondent. Now teaching journalism at Stanford, writing on tech/national security, international affairs, media. Stanford http://janinezacharia.net jsk-fellows2009 4087 2009-01-16T21:18:26+00:00 0 janinezacharia
19086179 Babak Dehghanpisheh Senior correspondent at Thomson Reuters. Opinions are my own. Beirut   jsk-fellows2009 5592 2009-01-16T21:21:08+00:00 0 BabakDehghan
19138916 Zeba Khan Librarian's daughter | Caregiver (again) | Race, religion, identity politics | Fellow @JSKstanford | former @theopedproject | she/her Palo Alto, CA   jsk-fellows-2018 4140 2009-01-18T07:16:21+00:00 0 zebakhan
19169884 Karen Breslau Relapsing journalist, p/t strategist, and f/t citizen Oakland, CA   jsk-fellows1999 247 2009-01-19T03:29:33+00:00 0 kbreslau
19244373 Tom Davidson Attempting to invent the future of media without blowing up Beeker in the process. Opinions here are mine, not those of employers past, present or future. SEVa, Tysons Corner, and I-95 http://tgdavidson.com jsk-fellows1999 845 2009-01-20T16:47:45+00:00 0 tgdavidson
19257632 Scarin’ Foley 🎃 Black Media Initiative director @CCMNewmarkJ | priors @jskstanford '20, @cityofdetroit storyteller | ✊🏽🏳️‍🌈 | books @belt_publishing | email 👍🏽, DMs 👎🏽 NY borough/Detroit thorough http://www.aaronkfoley.com jsk-fellows-2020 6808 2009-01-20T21:10:41+00:00 0 aaronkfoley
19339650 Gini Sikes Standup Comic, Filmmaker, Journalist. Writer/Producer Equal Means Equal; Author 8Ball Chicks: A Year in the Violent World of Girl Gangs Los Angeles, CA   jsk-fellows2001 214 2009-01-22T14:18:01+00:00 0 8ballchicks
19528008 sergey kuznetsov       jsk-fellows2002 787 2009-01-26T10:35:31+00:00 0 skuzn
19587103 Andrew Purvis Journalist and bureau chief, formerly w/ @TIME in Africa, eastern Europe, Turkey, Balkans, Germany. Consultant w/ UN Refugee Agency. Missing...Beirut. San Francisco http://about.me/andrewcpurvis jsk-fellows2010 1115 2009-01-27T11:19:44+00:00 0 ANDREWCPURVIS
20188770 \ Tweets are my own     jsk-fellows1997 454 2009-02-05T21:11:25+00:00 0 gannonbill
20392133 Dan Archer Graphic Journalist and live sketcher http://Instagram.com/archcomix Portfolio: http://www.archcomix.com London/New York http://www.patreon.com/archcomix jsk-fellows2011 3234 2009-02-08T20:57:36+00:00 0 archcomix
20632365 barbara roessner       jsk-fellows2004 20 2009-02-11T21:54:11+00:00 0 broessner
20846696 Tomasz Deptula       jsk-fellows2005 15 2009-02-14T13:27:41+00:00 0 tomekdep
20932059 Imtiaz Ali   Peshawar -- Washington D.C   jsk-fellows2007 681 2009-02-15T19:51:32+00:00 0 imtiaz999
20951229 Mary Aviles But first, the facts. Bay Area   jsk-fellows2013 982 2009-02-16T00:45:08+00:00 0 Avilesm
21022307 Barbara Brotman Writer, hiker, former Chicago Tribune columnist, current freelancer. I love swimming, hug trees and wish Chicago had mountains. Chicago, Ill. http://archives.chicagotribune.com/writers/barbara-brotman jsk-fellows2004 999 2009-02-16T20:19:59+00:00 0 BarbaraBrotman
21120375 John Duncan Head of development at Mad Mobile in Tampa. Doing big interesting things that aren't easy and which require a bunch of smart people to enjoy working together Tampa http://www.madmobile.com jsk-fellows2010 60 2009-02-17T19:27:19+00:00 0 inksniffer
21678279 Agaricus Random and untidy. For Personal Science/Quantified Self, follow @quantifiedself. Some archived journalism here: http://antephase.com/archives     jsk-fellows2006 4019 2009-02-23T18:39:32+00:00 0 agaricus
21783956 gary marx Chicago Tribune investigative reporter. Chicago http://trib.in/2aLM20k jsk-fellows2002 2139 2009-02-24T19:09:20+00:00 0 garyjmarx
22167981 Craig Timberg Longtime WashPost reporter, editor and author now covering technology Washington, DC https://www.washingtonpost.com/people/craig-timberg/?utm_term=.62c2bd0c02da jsk-fellows2016 4923 2009-02-27T18:02:48+00:00 0 craigtimberg
22746299 Arieh O'Sullivan I am a correspondent and anchor at Israel Public Radio English news in Israel, registered Tour Guide, whiskey brewer and storyteller from Elah Valley     jsk-fellows2003 151 2009-03-04T07:34:23+00:00 0 ariehos
23757441 Hugo Rupert   stanford U   jsk-fellows2011 90 2009-03-11T12:50:26+00:00 0 hugorupert
23795899 Jim Walsh Mr. Brightside Minneapolis, MN   jsk-fellows2003 3132 2009-03-11T17:33:08+00:00 0 saintfabio
24346858 J. Mariani-Belding Writer. Communicator. Marketer. Lover of good wine and cheese. Living my best life, with gratitude. California, USA   jsk-fellows2003 30 2009-03-14T08:10:36+00:00 0 jmbelding
24661811 Michael Grant Teaching Fellow @Google News Lab. Founder @GetCurrentNow. Priors: UX @Reveal, @JSKstanford Fellow '18, @StarTribune + @SFChronicle. Views are my own. Menlo Park, CA https://mikegrant.me jsk-fellows-2018 2461 2009-03-16T07:02:19+00:00 0 mikegrantme
24808107 teru kuwayama Seeker. Ex-IG/FB, JSK Fellow at Stanford, Ochberg Fellow at Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma, Senior TED Fellow, Hoover Institution media fellow. NYC http://www.about.me/terukuwayama jsk-fellows2010 2423 2009-03-17T00:48:13+00:00 0 terukuwayama
25603541 Jacqueline Park Journalist/Editor, social entrepreneur. Publishes The Story APAC; Alum: #SpliceBeta @walkleys @JSK Stanford @IFJ @IFEX +Founding ed Walkley Mag Sydney, Eora Nation   jsk-fellows2016 1256 2009-03-20T23:58:42+00:00 0 jacquipark
27921386 alexa schirtzinger product marketing @box | former @google @salesforce @JSKStanford @columbiajourn | usual disclaimers San Francisco   jsk-fellows2014 2427 2009-03-31T17:46:59+00:00 0 aschirtz
27981533 Elaine Ray Journalist, writer, family historian, Stanford, CA http://www.ebenezerray.com jsk-fellows1996 138 2009-03-31T22:31:19+00:00 0 theparagrapher
28292957 HuShuli | 胡舒立 《财经》杂志主编 Editor,Caijing Beijing http://www.caijing.com.cn jsk-fellows1995 18545 2009-04-02T06:11:41+00:00 0 HuShuli
28293072 who   Kowloon City District   jsk-fellows1995 6203 2009-04-02T06:12:42+00:00 0 who_blgw2017
29674586 Chanda Chisala Entrepreneur and writer. Los Angeles / NYC   jsk-fellows2009 489 2009-04-08T08:30:21+00:00 0 chandachisala
29932001 Barbara E. Allen   Stanford!   jsk-fellows2013 269 2009-04-09T05:47:18+00:00 0 BA1245
31150056 izabela moi journalist. jornalista. journaliste. periodista. giornalista.     jsk-fellows2015 312 2009-04-14T15:43:48+00:00 0 izamoi
31303305 agnes cusack Journalist Melbourne http://www.newaustraliamedia.org jsk-fellows2002 108 2009-04-15T01:57:51+00:00 0 agnescusack
32138947 Kevin McKenna Deputy Business Editor, The New York Times. I teach editing at Baruch College, too.     jsk-fellows1998 2241 2009-04-16T20:24:34+00:00 0 kemcke
32995666 Maria Ronderos periodista colombiana London, England   jsk-fellows1997 22416 2009-04-18T20:08:57+00:00 0 mtronderos
33098630 Beatrice Motamedi John S. Knight Fellow at Stanford University 2014-15. Founder, Global Student Square. Co-director, Newsroom by the Bay. Adding youth voice to the news ecosystem Oakland, California http://beatricemotamedi.com/ jsk-fellows2015 510 2009-04-19T02:26:00+00:00 0 writergirl

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