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3219 Phillip Smith My passion is helping: 💰 1. Newsrooms make more money; 📈 2. News startups grow their audience; 🔥 3. Journalists succeed as entrepreneurs. Let's talk 📩 California https://journalismentrepreneurship.com jsk-fellows-2018 5156 2006-07-27T02:33:10+00:00 0 phillipadsmith
6827702 André Natta Always: Urban conversationalist. Bronx native. 2018 @JSKStanford Fellow. Past: @resolvephilly @lenfestlab @wbhm @bhamterminal @Poynter #wjchat. Love ⚾. Birmingham, AL https://acnatta.substack.com/ jsk-fellows-2018 4233 2007-06-15T06:50:32+00:00 1 acnatta
14104554 Tim Regan-Porter "Make awesome stuff & be kind while doing it." CEO, Colorado Press Association. Prev: @jskstanford, @mercerccj, @PasteMagazine, @IBM, @McClatchy     jsk-fellows-2018 16335 2008-03-08T23:59:14+00:00 0 timreganporter
16700673 Rock’em Sock’em Rosie @WPR, @JSKstanford ‘18, public radio fanatic, often on eight wheels. Madison, WI   jsk-fellows-2018 434 2008-10-11T21:50:07+00:00 0 jenniferdargan
18454770 🔅Don Day http://BoiseDev.com publisher covering the story of Idaho’s future. @JSKstanford Fellow. Spent 18 years in traditional media, now reinventing local news. Boise, ID http://linkedin.com/in/donday jsk-fellows-2018 7036 2008-12-29T17:56:56+00:00 1 DonLDay
19138916 Zeba Khan Librarian's daughter | Caregiver (again) | Race, religion, identity politics | Fellow @JSKstanford | former @theopedproject | she/her Palo Alto, CA   jsk-fellows-2018 4140 2009-01-18T07:16:21+00:00 0 zebakhan
24661811 Michael Grant Teaching Fellow @Google News Lab. Founder @GetCurrentNow. Priors: UX @Reveal, @JSKstanford Fellow '18, @StarTribune + @SFChronicle. Views are my own. Menlo Park, CA https://mikegrant.me jsk-fellows-2018 2461 2009-03-16T07:02:19+00:00 0 mikegrantme
25029808 Guilherme Amado Jornalista. Colunista na @RevistaEpoca e na @cbnoficial. @ICIJorg member. @Abraji VP. @JSKStanford fellow. http://Instagram.com/guilhermeamado Brazil https://epoca.globo.com/guilherme-amado/ jsk-fellows-2018 41787 2009-03-18T04:47:23+00:00 1 guilherme_amado
47898401 Titus Plattner Innovation projects & investigative reporter @Tamedia l @JSKstanford 18' l @ICIJorg Network Committee l Board of Swiss FOIA I coauthor @LaPremiereVague Lausanne, Suisse https://keybase.io/titus jsk-fellows-2018 2150 2009-06-17T08:26:57+00:00 0 titusplattner
86776199 JulieAnn McKellogg Making texts fetch @joinsubtext | Builder and storyteller @JSKstanford @pactio_us @mcclatchy @washingtonpost @voanews @UNCHussman San Francisco, CA http://joinsubtext.com jsk-fellows-2018 1576 2009-11-01T18:44:39+00:00 0 jmckellogg
97459086 mago torres journalist, researcher • @JSKstanford fellow 2017-2018 • happily sharing a Pulitzer with 370+ journalists #PanamaPapers • amable damisela.   http://www.magotorres.net/ jsk-fellows-2018 3081 2009-12-17T14:59:49+00:00 0 magiccia
184814522 Lisa Rossi Co-founder: Bonfire Strategy. Delivering powerful experiences to spur creative ideas that resonate. Passionate about: Building stronger teams and communities. Des Moines, IA   jsk-fellows-2018 2060 2010-08-30T15:09:19+00:00 1 LisaARossi
213689248 Dr. Seema Yasmin MD + Epidemiologist + Journalist | Fmr Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer| Study: infodemics |Teach: sci journalism | Direct: Stanford Health Comm Initiative Hackney girl in California https://linktr.ee/SeemaYasmin jsk-fellows-2018 66115 2010-11-09T15:06:40+00:00 1 DoctorYasmin
2571132636 Barbara Maseda Founder @Invntario, @TEDfellow 2020 Before: @JSKStanford class '18, @BCUMedia #ddj #textdata #opendata #transparency PGP http://bit.ly/2YnCT8Q Cuba https://proyectoinventario.org jsk-fellows-2018 1587 2014-06-16T15:33:22+00:00 0 barbaramaseda

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