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6423572 Tom Van de Weghe #AI strategist @VRT & #deepfakes expert | Research Fellow @Stanford | Investigative journalist | former Correspondent & Bureau Chief 🇺🇸&🇨🇳 | Author+Speaker Stanford, CA https://www.linkedin.com/in/tomvandeweghe jsk-fellows-2019 26058 2007-05-29T20:01:06+00:00 1 tomvandeweghe
11688592 Mandy Jenkins GM for @CompassLocal, @McClatchy. Publisher @MahoningMatters & @LongmontLeader. @JSKStanford '19, Midwesterner, Cat Lady & @ONA board member. She/Her BK/OH/CO http://mandyjenkins.com jsk-fellows-2019 11493 2007-12-31T14:09:33+00:00 1 mjenkins
14636665 Flor Coelho La del #emojidelmate 🧉 (& Co.) / Proud @JSKStanford @LNdata & @LNnaturaleza. @ONA #HHBA #neverstoplearning Buenos Aires, Argentina   jsk-fellows-2019 11793 2008-05-03T10:16:42+00:00 1 fcoel
14716014 Laura Hertzfeld Storyteller, LA ambassador, midnight baker. Lost to Jeopardy James. Now #XR @thisisryot @yahoonews Then @Journalism_360 @EW @PBS Always @jskstanford #binders Los Angeles, CA http://www.newsvagabond.com/ jsk-fellows-2019 3387 2008-05-09T17:50:31+00:00 1 laurahertzfeld
16141134 hrv Journalist with @boomlive_in | Focusing on a 'vaccine' against 'fake news', half-truths, propaganda, lies via media literacy #MediaBuddhi | @jskstanford alum Stanford, Delhi, NYC, Oxford http://mediabuddhi.substack.com/ jsk-fellows-2019 3938 2008-09-05T06:14:38+00:00 1 hrvenkatesh
16390952 Akilah Johnson Now: @propublica DC. Then: @JSKstanford @BostonGlobe @SunSentinel. Always: Telling untold stories. Retweets not endorsements. she/her 💙🐩💛 Washington, DC https://www.propublica.org/people/akilah-johnson jsk-fellows-2019 7696 2008-09-21T14:10:09+00:00 1 akjohnson1922
55300229 Ronny Rojas Tico. Investigative reporter. @TelemundoNews @newmarkjschool @JSKstanford '19. Before @Uninoticias; @OCCRP; @nacion ronny.rojas@journalism.cuny.edu New York, NY   jsk-fellows-2019 1752 2009-07-09T17:28:26+00:00 0 ronnyrojas
78114269 Marina Walker Executive editor @Pulitzercenter. Mother of 2, builder of teams & @JSKStanford 2019 fellow. Always, @ICIJorg Washington, DC http://www.pulitzercenter.org jsk-fellows-2019 9876 2009-09-28T20:31:14+00:00 0 MarinaWalkerG
117450730 Geraldine Moriba Journalist. Filmmaker. Writer. Stanford AI Researcher. Equity Consultant. @JSKstanford. Platform Agnostic. Evolving Human.   https://soundslikehate.org/ jsk-fellows-2019 2178 2010-02-25T16:12:54+00:00 0 GeraldineMoriba
168183999 Peter DiCampo Photographer. Cofounder @everydayafrica @evdayprojects. Co-author @photo_rights. 2019 @JSKstanford Fellow. Bad guitarist. Wannabe comic book writer.   https://www.everydayprojects.org/ jsk-fellows-2019 4238 2010-07-18T16:49:04+00:00 0 peterdicampo
187718921 Katie Palmer Science and health editor @qz | formerly @JSKStanford @WIRED | she/her | wannabe post-minimal cellist | kpalmer at qz dot com Northampton, MA http://katiempalmer.com jsk-fellows-2019 2979 2010-09-07T00:01:21+00:00 0 KatieMPalmer
195493353 Benjamin Petit Photojournalist, @Dysturbofficial co-director, @JSKStanford 2019 Journalism Fellow, Fulbright Scholar. IG: bendophoto New York City, USA http://www.benjaminpetit.com jsk-fellows-2019 621 2010-09-26T21:12:06+00:00 0 bendophoto
225293034 Damien is The Antichris Horne Publisher of The Devil Strip | JSK Fellow @ Stanford, 2019 | NAS CCF, 2018 | Makronite 💯 | Gave up Lent for bacon. | Retweets will not be televised Akron, Ohio http://TheDevilStrip.com/co-op jsk-fellows-2019 2753 2010-12-11T06:33:19+00:00 0 thischrishorne
293673969 Cécile Prieur Directrice adjointe de la rédaction @lemondefr / Deputy Editor / Proud @JSKStanford Journalism Fellow 2019 and @ICIJorg member Paris, France http://www.lemonde.fr jsk-fellows-2019 14291 2011-05-05T19:29:32+00:00 1 cecileprieur
316717535 Sarah Shourd Trauma-informed journalist. Advocate for alternatives to incarceration and restorative justice. Playwright and Director. Lover of popcorn and redwood trees. Oakland, CA https://pulitzercenter.org/event/box-virtual-performances jsk-fellows-2019 3275 2011-06-13T21:27:49+00:00 0 SShourd
4083799919 Joel Konopo | Innovator | Investigative journalist @ink_cij 🇧🇼 | Father of three | @jskstanford Fellow 19 | Botswana http://www.inkjournalism.org jsk-fellows-2019 2351 2015-10-31T16:47:56+00:00 0 JKonopo

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