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15607854 MarshaMcFadden   ÜT: 21.339917,-157.925875   jsk-fellows1995 228 2008-07-26T04:50:00+00:00 0 marshamcfadden
16911536 Amy Virshup Travel editor of @nytimes. @nytimestravel I've traded Metro for the world. Follow me! New York, NY https://www.nytimes.com/section/travel jsk-fellows1995 9207 2008-10-22T19:41:36+00:00 1 amyvirshup
17787248 Richard Gonzales NPR       jsk-fellows1995 228 2008-12-01T19:55:08+00:00 0 RichardGonzalesNPR
28292957 HuShuli | 胡舒立 《财经》杂志主编 Editor,Caijing Beijing http://www.caijing.com.cn jsk-fellows1995 18545 2009-04-02T06:11:41+00:00 0 HuShuli
28293072 who   Kowloon City District   jsk-fellows1995 6203 2009-04-02T06:12:42+00:00 0 who_blgw2017
30117765 Marcelo Rubens Paiva     http://blog.estadao.com.br/blog/marcelorubenspaiva/ jsk-fellows1995 829946 2009-04-10T01:14:01+00:00 1 marcelorubens
32129142 Carol Rosenberg Covers Guantánamo, the place, policy, people and war court for The New York Times with the generous support of the Pulitzer Center. USA https://www.nytimes.com/by/carol-rosenberg jsk-fellows1995 35166 2009-04-16T19:52:21+00:00 1 carolrosenberg
230336117 jane gross Recovering New York Times journalist. Founder New Old Age blog. Author of A Bittersweet Season (Knopf/Vintage) Lecturer. new york city https://twitter.com/janegross jsk-fellows1995 581 2010-12-25T03:04:16+00:00 0 janegross
376400826 Bob Shaw @pioneerpress uber-suburb reporter, Woodbury, Cottage Grove, St. Paul. Father of two perfect children, kayaker, X-C skier, creator of bad art and smelly salads St. Paul, MN http://www.twincities.com/ jsk-fellows1995 1074 2011-09-19T20:34:01+00:00 0 BShawPP

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