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13690462 Bonnie D. Ford http://ESPN.com storyteller. Proud Oberlin alum. Omnivorous reader, traveler, viewer & listener.     jsk-fellows2001 14857 2008-02-19T21:20:30+00:00 1 Bonnie_D_Ford
14769899 TimJohnson Former cybersecurity reporter at @McClatchyDC, frmr correspondent in Mexico, China. Part of 2017 Pulitzer Prize-winning team on Panama Papers Washington, DC http://www.mcclatchydc.com jsk-fellows2001 5240 2008-05-14T06:13:22+00:00 1 TimJohnson4
18149456 jerrylarge Seattle Times columnist. jlarge@seattletimes.com, Column interests: education, inequality, science and technology and interesting people. Seattle, WA   jsk-fellows2001 1349 2008-12-15T23:00:06+00:00 1 jerrylarge
19339650 Gini Sikes Standup Comic, Filmmaker, Journalist. Writer/Producer Equal Means Equal; Author 8Ball Chicks: A Year in the Violent World of Girl Gangs Los Angeles, CA   jsk-fellows2001 214 2009-01-22T14:18:01+00:00 0 8ballchicks
46514922 Jane Armstrong Digital producer, CBC Former Globe and Mail correspondent, Serena Williams fan Vancouver, B.C.   jsk-fellows2001 1083 2009-06-11T22:54:28+00:00 1 EJaneArmstrong
46676538 David Stabler Writer and teacher. Pianist. Cyclist. davidstabler1@gmail.com Portland, Oregon http://davidstabler.net jsk-fellows2001 1371 2009-06-12T15:36:05+00:00 0 davidstabler
70269979 Martha Mendoza I'm a Pulitzer prize-winning Associated Press National Writer writing breaking news, enterprise and investigative reporting from Silicon Valley. NorCal http://www.ap.org jsk-fellows2001 6465 2009-08-31T01:27:28+00:00 1 mendozamartha
86112487 New American Nomads See what happens when two crazy “kids” quit their jobs, sell their house, dump their possessions and hit the road to see America in a fancy camper van. Scottsdale, Arizona http://www.newamericannomads.com jsk-fellows2001 49 2009-10-29T17:01:15+00:00 0 JudithNichols

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