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16556482 Emily Harris Journalist with Reveal, from The Center for Investigative Reporting United States   jsk-fellows2006 1751 2008-10-02T07:07:28+00:00 1 emilygharris
17768092 carola fuentes Periodista, documentalista y socia de @laventanacine. Nuestro propósito: investigar, producir y difundir contenidos que generen impacto positivo en la audiencia chile http://www.laventanacine.com jsk-fellows2006 90026 2008-12-01T01:35:13+00:00 0 carolafuentes
18433533 Janet Rae-Dupree Freelance Unboxed Media writer covering innovation, emerging tech, science and more #Binders Silicon Valley http://www.linkedin.com/in/jraedupree jsk-fellows2006 2473 2008-12-28T20:25:40+00:00 0 jraedupree
21678279 Agaricus Random and untidy. For Personal Science/Quantified Self, follow @quantifiedself. Some archived journalism here: http://antephase.com/archives     jsk-fellows2006 4019 2009-02-23T18:39:32+00:00 0 agaricus
46241234 Mike Swift Journalist at global crossroad of tech & law, focused on privacy, security. Chief Digital Risk Correspondent for @MLexclusive. Frmr @JSKStanford: swift@mlex.com Half Moon Bay, CA http://mlexmarketinsight.com/mike-swift/ jsk-fellows2006 6048 2009-06-10T22:14:58+00:00 1 Swiftstories
72928579 Ivan Penn Ivan Penn is a Los Angeles-based energy correspondent for @nytimes, 2006 @JSKstanford fellow and 2014 @LoebAwards winner. Los Angeles, CA https://www.nytco.com/ivan-penn-joins-business-day/ jsk-fellows2006 4483 2009-09-09T19:26:27+00:00 0 ivanlpenn
86097492 jo-ann armao       jsk-fellows2006 178 2009-10-29T15:52:11+00:00 0 armaoj
163422349 inday espina varona journalist. gadabout. scarred cat. I stand by my tweets. Philippines http://indayvarona.wordpress.com/ jsk-fellows2006 31343 2010-07-06T11:18:02+00:00 1 indayevarona
174492304 Daniel Coronell Periodista.     jsk-fellows2006 1443731 2010-08-04T01:56:08+00:00 1 DCoronell
281065346 Mary Pols Media relations @BatesCollege, formerly editor @MaineWomenMag, writer @PressHerald, movie critic @TIME, @JSKStanford. Plus: the blur of the 90s and @ucbsoj Maine   jsk-fellows2006 3401 2011-04-12T15:17:07+00:00 0 MaryPols
577618330 Karen de Sa an investigative reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle San Francisco, CA http://www.sfchronicle.com jsk-fellows2006 592 2012-05-12T01:22:24+00:00 0 KarendeSa1

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