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8441632 Burt Herman Entrepreneurial journalist finding meaning in the noise. Now: Product @CondeNast. Always: @HacksHackers. Previous: @LenfestInst, Co-founder @Storify, @AP New York, NY http://burtherman.com jsk-fellows2009 9235 2007-08-26T14:23:45+00:00 1 burtherman
14124402 Pedro Doria 🇧🇷😷 🗞 @canalmeio. 📚 Escrevo livros de história. 🎙 Falo sobre política. ⚽️ @flamengo 🏈 @stanford 📞 http://bit.ly/2HpPzVx RTs não indicam concordância Rio de Janeiro http://www.pedrodoria.com.br/ jsk-fellows2009 115197 2008-03-11T15:22:17+00:00 1 pedrodoria
14282158 Chris Allbritton Former journalist with @Time, @Reuters, and others. Knight '09, writer/editor. Washington, DC http://www.christopherallbritton.com jsk-fellows2009 2842 2008-04-02T10:54:43+00:00 0 chrisallbritton
14478614 Jeff Elder Cybersecurity reporter for Business Insider. DMs open for news tips, or email jelder@businessinsider dot com. Signal 4157999085 San Francisco, CA https://www.businessinsider.com/author/jeff-elder jsk-fellows2009 87727 2008-04-22T18:54:22+00:00 1 JeffElder
14743741 federica bianchi A European storyteller fascinated by International Affairs and economic trends Rome   jsk-fellows2009 1030 2008-05-12T13:18:08+00:00 0 federicabianchi
14984915 Andrew Haeg Move fast & bake things. Journalist + entrepreneur. GroundSource (@groundsource). MN is 🏡. Minneapolis, MN http://groundsource.co jsk-fellows2009 4958 2008-06-02T20:53:25+00:00 0 andrewhaeg
16622367 Antonio Ruiz-Camacho Not there yet | BAREFOOT DOGS | Writing @nytimes @TexasMonthly @salon @TexasHighways et al | @JSKstanford @ut_english alum Austin http://antonioruizcamacho.com jsk-fellows2009 1454 2008-10-06T23:33:29+00:00 1 aruizcamacho
16679508 Geri Smith Spent 3 decades as foreign correspondent in Latin America. Handle media relations for Inter-American Development Bank. All postings reflect personal views only. Washington, D.C.   jsk-fellows2009 774 2008-10-10T04:43:07+00:00 0 GeriLSmith
16679681 Stephanie Banchero Stephanie Banchero. Education Program Director at @JoyceFdn Former Wall Street Journal education reporter; Utah Jazz fan; shameless lover of corndogs & DWTS. Chicago, IL http://www.joycefdn.org jsk-fellows2009 9243 2008-10-10T05:05:16+00:00 1 sbanchero
17290577 Diane Cardwell Former @nytimes reporter. Author ROCKAWAY: Surfing Headlong Into a New Life, a surfing memoir. 7/7/2020, @HMHbooks. Lives, gardens & surfs in Rockaway Beach. New York https://dianecardwell.com jsk-fellows2009 3617 2008-11-10T17:25:04+00:00 0 ByDianeCardwell
19086064 janinezacharia Ex-WashPost Jerusalem/Mideast correspondent. Now teaching journalism at Stanford, writing on tech/national security, international affairs, media. Stanford http://janinezacharia.net jsk-fellows2009 4087 2009-01-16T21:18:26+00:00 0 janinezacharia
19086179 Babak Dehghanpisheh Senior correspondent at Thomson Reuters. Opinions are my own. Beirut   jsk-fellows2009 5592 2009-01-16T21:21:08+00:00 0 BabakDehghan
29674586 Chanda Chisala Entrepreneur and writer. Los Angeles / NYC   jsk-fellows2009 489 2009-04-08T08:30:21+00:00 0 chandachisala
49565987 Dionne Bunsha Journalist-author from India, works on human rights, environment, social justice. Loves the sea and sun. Always asking why? Vancouver, Canada http://www.dionnebunsha.com jsk-fellows2009 400 2009-06-22T07:29:17+00:00 0 dionnebunsha
157531033 watson ,meng       jsk-fellows2009 38 2010-06-20T03:08:34+00:00 0 watsonmeng
180871553 Michael Rezendes Global investigations @AP. Formerly @GlobeSpotlight.   http://ap.org jsk-fellows2009 14387 2010-08-20T18:17:18+00:00 1 MikeRezendes
619420043 Joel Gutierrez Periodista nicaragüense, Knight Fellow de la Universidad de Stanford Nicaragua   jsk-fellows2009 52 2012-06-26T21:03:38+00:00 0 JoelGutierrezG

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