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5202671 Martyn Williams North Korea-focused journalist/researcher @NorthKoreaTech @38NorthNK. Non-resident fellow @stimsoncenter. Author @committeeHRNK. Also KJ6SDF. Washington, DC http://www.northkoreatech.org jsk-fellows2012 24339 2007-04-19T08:11:12+00:00 1 martyn_williams
16259364 Michelle Holmes 📍 Free human, looking for adventure Indiana, USA https://www.linkedin.com/in/michelle-holmes-924b2b11/ jsk-fellows2012 4655 2008-09-12T17:26:14+00:00 1 mlh_holmes
16350120 Claudia Nunez Editor at @latimesespanol and @hrw_espanol Founder of @Migrahack immigration stories with data+tech. Love maps and lose sleep. Knight fellow ’12 @JSKstanford Los Angeles,CA   jsk-fellows2012 1428 2008-09-18T17:55:37+00:00 0 nunezcla
17272464 aaronhuey Aaron Huey is a National Geographic photographer, a Stanford http://d.School Global Ambassador, and the father of Hawkeye and Juno. Seattle http://www.aaronhuey.com jsk-fellows2012 3683 2008-11-09T19:11:32+00:00 0 aaronhuey
39021657 Anita Zielina Innovation, product, biz models, change in digital/media. 💪 Training innovative leaders @newmarkjschool. Alum @insead @jskstanford @nzz @sternde @derstandardat New York, USA https://www.journalism.cuny.edu/executive-ed jsk-fellows2012 46520 2009-05-10T09:02:13+00:00 1 Zielina
46518958 Chloe Veltman Arts & Culture Reporter at @KQED San Francisco, CA http://www.chloeveltman.com jsk-fellows2012 2187 2009-06-11T23:14:41+00:00 0 chloeveltman
48068105 Beth Daley Editor and General Manager @ConversationUS. Proud alum of @InsideClimate, @NECIRBU, @BostonGlobe, @JSKStanford. Boston, MA https://theconversation.com/us jsk-fellows2012 3327 2009-06-17T18:49:40+00:00 0 BethBDaley
70574113 Djordje Padejski @JSKStanford Associate Director, investigative/data journalist, @ICIJorg member, @FOIAMACHINE founder, alum: @CIRonline @OCCRP @CINSerbia Stanford, CA http://jsk.stanford.edu jsk-fellows2012 2197 2009-09-01T02:29:07+00:00 1 djordjepadejski
86152476 Masood Farivar I cover the Justice Department and the FBI for Voice of America. @capitals and @dcunited fan. Washington, D.C. http://www.voanews.com/ jsk-fellows2012 6809 2009-10-29T20:18:15+00:00 0 masoodfarivar
108360053 Judith Torrea Independent reporter & blogger covering drug trafficking, femicides and immigration issues in my lovely Juaritos. Author of Juárez en la sombra (Aguilar) Ciudad Juárez http://juarezenlasombra.blogspot.com/ jsk-fellows2012 7134 2010-01-25T18:04:19+00:00 0 Judithtorrea
141222005 Teresa Bouza Innovation, Media, Tech || Knight Fellow '12 @Stanford || Columbia J-School '04 || 2012 IWMF grantee || Co-author of "A Sense of Something Greater" (Sept. 2018) Silicon Valley http://goo.gl/UCfsJc jsk-fellows2012 1026 2010-05-07T13:49:50+00:00 0 TereBouza
148420961 Justin Ferrell Organization design, self-efficacy & human-centered strategy. Work @stanforddschool Board @amplifierart Prev: design director @washingtonpost Alum @medillschool Stanford, CA http://linkedin.com/in/juferrell jsk-fellows2012 3882 2010-05-26T17:10:46+00:00 0 Jferrell03
186997686 DjurdjaPadejski Communications at @StanfordPACS/@DigCivSoc, ex @StanfordCDDRL. Bilingual tweets, my own, not my org’s. Palo Alto, CA   jsk-fellows2012 1331 2010-09-05T00:14:13+00:00 0 DjurdjaPadejski
200120015 Katy Newton UX Researcher + Developer, Emergent Media, Stanford http://d.school Media Experiments Resident, IDEONY, @JSKStanford Fellow @latimes Brooklyn, San Francisco http://katynewton.com jsk-fellows2012 793 2010-10-08T14:02:56+00:00 0 katywnewton
254874238 Jorge R. Imbaquingo Periodista. Knight Fellow, Stanford University 2012. Editor de Política de @ElComerciocom. Mediaciones interactivas. Quito-Ecuador http://goo.gl/OBmUo1 jsk-fellows2012 3088 2011-02-20T05:28:42+00:00 0 jimbaquingo
264340567 T. Christian Miller Senior investigative reporter @Propublica. Co-author of http://afalsereport.com. Into journalism that counts. And bacon. Pulitzer winner. Berkeley, CA http://www.propublica.org jsk-fellows2012 8847 2011-03-11T19:00:34+00:00 1 txtianmiller
386183180 Girma T Fantaye       jsk-fellows2012 1229 2011-10-06T20:15:31+00:00 0 Girmatf
908496738 Deepa Fernandes Journalist, global & local, @kcrw @TheWorld. Fellow at Pacific Oaks College. I report about women, kids, migrants, the environment. Alum @jskstanford @IWMF. California, USA http://deepafernandes.com/ jsk-fellows2012 3062 2012-10-27T16:58:11+00:00 0 deepafern

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