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6181532 Michael Morisy Founder and chief executive @MuckRock, helping run @FOIAMachine @DocumentCloud QuackBot @oTranscribe. Board @NFOIC @asapACCESSPRO @CornellSun. He/him. Undisclosed Bunker, Cambridge https://www.muckrock.com jsk-fellows2015 9862 2007-05-20T16:43:11+00:00 1 morisy
7380872 Anne Kornblut director of news, new initiatives, Facebook. Palo Alto, CA http://www.facebook.com jsk-fellows2015 17974 2007-07-10T19:06:10+00:00 1 annekornblut
14370540 jeremyhay Journalist, entrepreneur, JSK Stanford fellow '15 California, USA http://www.jeremyhay.com jsk-fellows2015 897 2008-04-12T19:21:05+00:00 0 jeremyhay
14699813 Zena Barakat Design director @ideo San Francisco, CA   jsk-fellows2015 2996 2008-05-08T12:55:09+00:00 1 zena_b
15315979 Carolina Guerrero CEO of @NPR's @RadioAmbulante + @elhilopodcast. Breaking the language barrier with @LupaApp. @JSKStanford Fellow. Personal Assistant to León & Eliseo. New York, NY http://radioambulante.org jsk-fellows2015 15419 2008-07-04T07:42:02+00:00 0 nuncaduermo
17526481 Yvonne Leow building @bewildercamp ⛺we're currently looking for beta campers! let us plan your next camping trip. San Francisco, CA http://www.yvonneleow.com jsk-fellows2015 3655 2008-11-21T00:08:02+00:00 0 YvonneLeow
31150056 izabela moi journalist. jornalista. journaliste. periodista. giornalista.     jsk-fellows2015 312 2009-04-14T15:43:48+00:00 0 izamoi
33098630 Beatrice Motamedi John S. Knight Fellow at Stanford University 2014-15. Founder, Global Student Square. Co-director, Newsroom by the Bay. Adding youth voice to the news ecosystem Oakland, California http://beatricemotamedi.com/ jsk-fellows2015 510 2009-04-19T02:26:00+00:00 0 writergirl
33964434 Donna Borak Adjunct Faculty @NYU. Senior Economics Journalist. Alum of @CNN @WSJ @AP @AmerBanker and @UPI. 2015 JSK @Stanford Fellow. Yoga teacher. 🧘‍♀️ Globetrotter. Washington   jsk-fellows2015 5956 2009-04-21T17:00:53+00:00 1 donnaborak
44911552 Mariana Santos CEO @poderosaschicas Stanford @JSK Fellow @KnightFoundation Innovation Chair @FIU @ICFJKnight @guardian swim & surf Rio de Janeiro, Brazil https://about.me/mariana.santos jsk-fellows2015 7628 2009-06-05T15:07:34+00:00 0 marysaints
54331654 Anh Hoà TRUONG Innovation Project Leader, VR Journalist, Science Writer, 2015 JSK Fellow at Stanford. Based in Cali. Born in France. Good food / good company lover. California http://vr-journalism.tumblr.com/ jsk-fellows2015 335 2009-07-06T21:01:51+00:00 0 AnhhoaTruong
76971595 Dickens Olewe BBC journo @JSKStanford journalism fellow. Media. Tech. Politics. I have a podcast. Kenya is home. London http://www.dickensolewe.com jsk-fellows2015 4646 2009-09-24T15:54:14+00:00 0 DickensOlewe
119341695 Cordelia Hebblethwaite Commissioning editor for @bbcideas  -  short films for curious minds http://bbc.co.uk/ideas💡 Via @BBCNewsnight, @JSKStanford, @BBCWorldService etc Oxfordshire, UK http://socialmediareporter.org jsk-fellows2015 3364 2010-03-03T10:33:05+00:00 0 CordeliaHeb
124830897 Charla Bear Senior design researcher, team lead, and storyteller @IDEO. Travel nerd mildly obsessed with miles + points. Oakland, CA http://www.charlabear.com jsk-fellows2015 288 2010-03-20T18:30:23+00:00 0 CharlaReports
256498570 Christina Passariello Technology editor @WashingtonPost. Ex @WSJ. Former @JSKstanford Fellow. Parisian by adoption. Super Bowl halftime show performer. Palo Alto, CA   jsk-fellows2015 5168 2011-02-23T13:18:37+00:00 1 cpassariello
342455823 Louis Hansen Enterprise and housing reporter, Mercury News. I have lots of questions. @JSKstanford fellow, 2015 lhansen@ http://bayareanewsgroup.com Palo Alto, CA https://www.mercurynews.com/ jsk-fellows2015 1607 2011-07-26T01:36:26+00:00 0 HansenLouis
399433780 Najia Ashar Broadcast Journalist-Entrepreneur-Founder @MBaithak - @Gnmionline - Knight Fellow @JSKStanford - Fellow @EastWestCenter - RTs are not endorsements Karachi, Pakistan http://www.gnmionline.org jsk-fellows2015 226285 2011-10-27T13:58:52+00:00 1 najiaashar
749768262 Akoto Ofori-Atta managing editor @teamtrace. @jskstanford 2014-2015/for life. BK/NJ/Ghana. Brooklyn, NY   jsk-fellows2015 3289 2012-08-10T17:50:25+00:00 1 KO_616
1356019962 Lope Gutierrez-Ruiz @JSKstanford and @TEDFellow. Co-Founder of Gopher Magazine & In-House International. Exploring the future of our cities, open data, design, cultural management. Austin, TX http://weareinhouse.com jsk-fellows2015 540 2013-04-16T04:34:00+00:00 0 hello_lope

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