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770729 Liz Gannes My last name rhymes with braaains. San Francisco http://60db.co jsk-fellows2016 68124 2007-02-13T23:05:04+00:00 1 lizgannes
14145296 Susie Cagle 🔍👀💻✍️🎨 / climate, crisis, labor, business, technology, California +++ / susie.cagle@gmail / DMs always open Oakland, CA http://susiecagle.com jsk-fellows2016 23441 2008-03-14T06:12:34+00:00 1 susie_c
14381600 Tracie Powell Connector. Change maker. Founder. Passionate about all things digital & media. Program Officer, Borealis Philanthropy & 2016 JSK Fellow. RT ≠ endorsement Washington, DC http://www.alldigitocracy.org jsk-fellows2016 3059 2008-04-14T05:29:35+00:00 0 TMPowell
22167981 Craig Timberg Longtime WashPost reporter, editor and author now covering technology Washington, DC https://www.washingtonpost.com/people/craig-timberg/?utm_term=.62c2bd0c02da jsk-fellows2016 4923 2009-02-27T18:02:48+00:00 0 craigtimberg
22455550 T O N Y A Host of @NPR’s @Hereandnow & @TruthBeToldKQED @JSKStanford fellow @mizzou mafia. Made in Detroit. she/her. #deartbt Los Angeles, CA   jsk-fellows2016 9402 2009-03-02T05:31:47+00:00 1 TonyaMosley
24224268 Naomi Starkman founder/eic @CivilEats | support independent media: http://civileats.com/donate/ http://civileats.com/subscribe/ NorCal http://www.civileats.com jsk-fellows2016 36025 2009-03-13T18:39:57+00:00 1 NaomiStarkman
25603541 Jacqueline Park Journalist/Editor, social entrepreneur. Publishes The Story APAC; Alum: #SpliceBeta @walkleys @JSK Stanford @IFJ @IFEX +Founding ed Walkley Mag Sydney, Eora Nation   jsk-fellows2016 1256 2009-03-20T23:58:42+00:00 0 jacquipark
26006398 Jenée Editor. Writer. Subtweeter. Now: @NYTOpinion staff editor, @TheOpedProject mentor + sensitivity reader for hire. Then: @Voxdotcom @TheRoot @Harvard Law @HowardU   https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeneed/ jsk-fellows2016 29294 2009-03-23T14:08:25+00:00 1 jdesmondharris
62611102 daniela pinheiro journalist/ MCC @NOVAunl/@risj_oxford fellow 2020/@JSKstanford fellow 2016 Lisboa, Portugal   jsk-fellows2016 5379 2009-08-03T20:18:31+00:00 1 dpinheiro_press
85653836 Nathalie Alvaray Knowmad | @ImpactHubMAD | @jskfellow '16 @Stanford | antes en @uninoticias @runrunesweb @talcualdigital & Cadena Capriles | United States   jsk-fellows2016 2486 2009-10-27T20:26:20+00:00 0 NathaHari
106430958 Aaron Glantz Senior Reporter @Reveal, Pulitzer Finalist, Author, HOMEWRECKERS from HarperCollins, Peabody & duPont Award-winning journalist, 2016 JSK Fellow at Stanford San Francisco, CA http://www.aglantz.com/ jsk-fellows2016 7366 2010-01-19T14:53:25+00:00 1 Aaron_Glantz
112265447 Kristen "you're on mute" Muller Chief Content Officer @KPCC @LAist. Fan of the First Amendment & Arnold Palmers. http://kpcc.org & http://laist.com Pasadena, CA http://www.kpcc.org jsk-fellows2016 2913 2010-02-07T21:17:58+00:00 0 KrisMul
225505935 Subbu Despite all the jargon you hear, democratizing journalism and social media are part of the same journey. @jmethics. Book chapter: https://bit.ly/3m1ikb7 SF Bay Area, CA https://www.scu.edu/ethics/about-the-center/people/subramaniam-vincent/ jsk-fellows2016 1537 2010-12-11T18:51:16+00:00 0 subbuvincent
240349448 Sarah Alvarez Journalist and founder/editor of Outlier Media. Profile photo by MacArthur Genius/Chicana extraordinaire Maria Varela, more:http://bit.ly/2RqcqAs Detroit, MI http://outliermedia.org jsk-fellows2016 2658 2011-01-19T18:33:03+00:00 0 sarahalvarezMI
241747214 matilde suescun Woman - Latina - Sin pelos en la lengua - Bloguera - Spanglish - JSK Knight Fellow @Stanford Miami, FL http://mujerconojosabiertos.com/ jsk-fellows2016 341 2011-01-23T01:47:54+00:00 0 matisu19
382121824 Astrid Maier Homeoffice Editor in Chief @XINGNews inspiring people to lead the work life they want / ex @join_ada / tech & companies editor @wiwo / @JSKstanford Fellow '16 Hamburg, Deutschland http://dverse.media jsk-fellows2016 3111 2011-09-29T14:36:21+00:00 0 MaierAstrid
2199658388 Oleksandr Akymenko Entrepreneur, design-thinking consultant, @Stanford @JSKstanford Fellow 2015/16. Publisher at @Platfor_ma. Ex-head of investigative department at Forbes Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine http://platfor.ma/ jsk-fellows2016 804 2013-11-17T14:58:16+00:00 0 akymenko_o

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