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14173930 stacy-marie ishmael Trinidadian-at-large. Header by Alex Smailes; headshot by Kevin Abosch. She/her/they/them. My superpower is I read to the end.     jsk-fellows2017 40331 2008-03-19T01:40:02+00:00 1 s_m_i
16018986 Brian EdwardsTiekert Co-Host, UpFront 7-9am @kpfa | Environment, Politics, Housing, Police, CA & SFBay | @CWAUnion | Fmr @JSKStanford | he/him Berkeley, CA http://www.kpfa.org jsk-fellows2017 3423 2008-08-27T22:55:11+00:00 0 bedwardstiek
17714681 Frederic Filloux Entrepreneur (http://Deepnews.ai), editor of http://mondaynote.com, associate journalism professor at Sciences Po J-school in Paris. Paris, France https://mondaynote.com jsk-fellows2017 9008 2008-11-28T18:03:11+00:00 0 filloux
18257896 Ryan Nakashima Product manager, digital subscriptions, Bay Area News Group. Dad. Former @AP. @JSKstanford fellow ‘16-17. rnakashima@bayareanewsgroup.com   https://medium.com/@rnakashi jsk-fellows2017 2068 2008-12-20T01:19:04+00:00 0 rnakashi
34060703 Juan Pablo Meneses Director en @UniPortatil /Profesor en @Uchile y @UABBarcelona /Antes @Stanford, @NYUniversity, @Usach /Escritor de no ficción / Seguidor de la religión portátil Santiago, Chile http://uportatil.org jsk-fellows2017 9830 2009-04-21T22:03:56+00:00 0 menesesportatil
43767782 Elodie MaillietStorm CEO at CatchLight. Los Gatos, CA   jsk-fellows2017 619 2009-05-31T22:18:52+00:00 0 elodiemailliet
67227724 Gabriel Spitzer Communications Specialist @KCPubHealth, Science writer. Fmr @KNKXfm @JSKstanford @WBEZ. Seattle, WA http://www.transmissionpodcast.org jsk-fellows2017 1999 2009-08-20T04:28:57+00:00 1 gabrielspitzer
111183422 Heather Bryant The future of journalism is collaborative. Partnerships not parachutes. Journalism For & With. Read Curiously. @ProjectFacet @newscatalyst @wellreadio she/her CA | AK http://www.hbcompass.io/ jsk-fellows2017 5788 2010-02-04T02:08:38+00:00 0 HBCompass
180388029 agg @spaceship_media problem solver. journalist. designer. lover of high x-heights. favorite color: CMYK. JSK ‘17 Space   jsk-fellows2017 334 2010-08-19T14:25:49+00:00 0 iamlaggr
250010900 Julie Makinen Executive Editor, The Desert Sun, Palm Springs, CA. JSK fellow @Stanford 2016-17. Past: L.A. Times, Intl. N.Y. Times, Washington Post. Traveler. Chocoholic. Palm Springs, CA http://desertsun.com jsk-fellows2017 4665 2011-02-10T06:46:14+00:00 1 Julie_Makinen
263734042 Dustin Bleizeffer Freelance journalist, John S. Knight Journalism fellow-2017, former @WyoFile, @CSTribune, always #Wyoming #WestNext #ruralwest #climate #energy   http://dustinbleizeffer.com jsk-fellows2017 2004 2011-03-10T16:50:22+00:00 0 DBleizeffer
275541233 Veronica Chambers Editor, Narrative Projects @nytimes, author, Shirley Chisholm Is a Verb, 32 Yolks w/ @ericripert, @JSKStanford alum. I'm not a player but I create a lot. New York http://veronicachambers.com jsk-fellows2017 7840 2011-04-01T13:51:48+00:00 1 vvchambers
388030023 Katherine A Rowlands I run http://BayCityNews.com + http://BayCityNews.org + http://LocalNewsMatters.org. Past Life: @JSKstanford @DiabloMagazine @mercnews @EastBayTimes @SLOTribune Bay Area, California http://www.baycitynews.org jsk-fellows2017 2285 2011-10-10T02:15:17+00:00 0 News_Kat
556757858 Arif Elsaui journalist -media consultant-freelancer -kenya \Nairobi Kenya-Nairobi   jsk-fellows2017 922 2012-04-18T10:42:05+00:00 0 ArifElsau
627476459 Alina Fichter Head of Digital Format Development at @DeutscheWelle, Advisory Board @Newsguardrating. 👉🏼User Centric Formats, Digital Transformation, Fighting Disinformation Berlin, Deutschland http://www.dw.com jsk-fellows2017 3286 2012-07-05T15:30:06+00:00 0 fichtalina
2281026164 Clara G Sueyro Currently http://alpha.ca.gov. Formerly founder Jobs to be Researched LLC, 2017 Fellow @JSKstanford 2014 Fellow @codeforamerica Sacramento, CA http://claraslist.com jsk-fellows2017 502 2014-01-07T18:53:13+00:00 0 claragsueyro
2317636063 liza osetinskaya Russian journalist, editor, media manager. interested in Russian politics, digital media, perfect journalism. Stanford Jsk knight fellow 2017 Palo Alto, CA   jsk-fellows2017 3368 2014-01-29T18:50:40+00:00 0 osetinskayaliza
750919846330793984 YooHee Hong   San Francisco, CA http://ww.linkedin.com/in/yoohee-hong-6136b856 jsk-fellows2017 72 2016-07-07T05:10:17+00:00 0 YooHeeHong0916

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