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3219 Phillip Smith My passion is helping: 💰 1. Newsrooms make more money; 📈 2. News startups grow their audience; 🔥 3. Journalists succeed as entrepreneurs. Let's talk 📩 California https://journalismentrepreneurship.com jsk-fellows-2018 5156 2006-07-27T02:33:10+00:00 0 phillipadsmith
12497 Simon Willison Creator of @datasetteproj, co-creator Django. Fellow at @JSKstanford. Collector of @nichemuseums. Usually hanging out with @natbat and @cleopaws. He/Him San Francisco, CA https://simonwillison.net/ jsk-fellows-2020 21461 2006-11-15T13:18:50+00:00 1 simonw
770729 Liz Gannes My last name rhymes with braaains. San Francisco http://60db.co jsk-fellows2016 68124 2007-02-13T23:05:04+00:00 1 lizgannes
1246761 Cindy Royal Professor at TX State, teaching Web design, coding & digital product concepts. ‘13-‘14 JSK Fellow at Stanford. Live in Austin, loved live music, when we had it. Austin, TX http://www.cindyroyal.com jsk-fellows2014 6563 2007-03-15T20:58:07+00:00 0 CindyRoyal
1545741 Elizabeth Osder Media, Entertainment and Tech Executive... maker of real news... iPhone: 40.739487,-74.002266 http://www.osdergroup.com jsk-fellows2002 1127 2007-03-19T19:43:35+00:00 0 osder
2241921 Pamela Chen 🙋🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ Camera & Photos @apple, curious at heart. 2020 @JSKStanford-@StanfordHAI Fellow, board @magnumfnd, alumna @instagram @natgeo @opensociety ☁️ Stanford, CA https://stanford.io/2O6sojp jsk-fellows-2020 13155 2007-03-26T02:40:05+00:00 0 pc
5202671 Martyn Williams North Korea-focused journalist/researcher @NorthKoreaTech @38NorthNK. Non-resident fellow @stimsoncenter. Author @committeeHRNK. Also KJ6SDF. Washington, DC http://www.northkoreatech.org jsk-fellows2012 24339 2007-04-19T08:11:12+00:00 1 martyn_williams
6181532 Michael Morisy Founder and chief executive @MuckRock, helping run @FOIAMachine @DocumentCloud QuackBot @oTranscribe. Board @NFOIC @asapACCESSPRO @CornellSun. He/him. Undisclosed Bunker, Cambridge https://www.muckrock.com jsk-fellows2015 9862 2007-05-20T16:43:11+00:00 1 morisy
6199412 Jim Colgan Radio/media/tech. Stanford JSK fellow. Previously Audible, WNYC, SoundCloud. California via New York via Dublin. San Francisco   jsk-fellows-2020 2045 2007-05-21T13:35:41+00:00 0 jim_colgan
6423572 Tom Van de Weghe #AI strategist @VRT & #deepfakes expert | Research Fellow @Stanford | Investigative journalist | former Correspondent & Bureau Chief 🇺🇸&🇨🇳 | Author+Speaker Stanford, CA https://www.linkedin.com/in/tomvandeweghe jsk-fellows-2019 26058 2007-05-29T20:01:06+00:00 1 tomvandeweghe
6827702 André Natta Always: Urban conversationalist. Bronx native. 2018 @JSKStanford Fellow. Past: @resolvephilly @lenfestlab @wbhm @bhamterminal @Poynter #wjchat. Love ⚾. Birmingham, AL https://acnatta.substack.com/ jsk-fellows-2018 4233 2007-06-15T06:50:32+00:00 1 acnatta
7068802 Marie C Beuth deputy editor-in-chief @lopinion_fr • founding editor @businessinsider France • founder @getnod • 2013 fellow @jskstanford • floor rebel Paris, Ile-de-France https://tinyurl.com/FeedbacklOpinion jsk-fellows2013 8697 2007-06-25T13:36:18+00:00 0 M_C_B
7380872 Anne Kornblut director of news, new initiatives, Facebook. Palo Alto, CA http://www.facebook.com jsk-fellows2015 17974 2007-07-10T19:06:10+00:00 1 annekornblut
7809252 wendy norris Asst Prof @NazarethCollege exploring socially intelligent computing in humanitarian crisis response | @JSKStanford + @cuinfoscience alum | @PeaceCorps Vanuatu Rochester, NY http://wendynorris.com jsk-fellows2011 3121 2007-07-30T03:13:25+00:00 0 WendyNorris
8119452 💀 damned sinker 💀 I did http://impeachment.fyi. Co-host of @sayswhopodcast, formerly @opennews, author of @MayorEmanuel, founder of Punk Planet (RIP), #1 Candle King of Kickstarter Chicago, IL http://dansinker.com jsk-fellows2008 28430 2007-08-11T05:51:44+00:00 0 dansinker
8441632 Burt Herman Entrepreneurial journalist finding meaning in the noise. Now: Product @CondeNast. Always: @HacksHackers. Previous: @LenfestInst, Co-founder @Storify, @AP New York, NY http://burtherman.com jsk-fellows2009 9235 2007-08-26T14:23:45+00:00 1 burtherman
8956962 Kirk Caraway Co-founder Megafone/NowAds, 2012-13 John S. Knight Fellow at Stanford University, online news entrepreneur http://GetMegafone.biz http://NowAds.biz jsk-fellows2013 270 2007-09-18T18:11:50+00:00 0 kirkcaraway
9443532 Rick Attig Dad, Writer and Journalist Portland, Oregon   jsk-fellows2008 181 2007-10-14T21:35:46+00:00 0 Rickattig
9486682 Ezequiel Abiú López Personal tweets by Ezequiel Abiú López. Executive Producer at Noticias SIN @SIN24Horas http://www.noticiassin.com and Foreign correspondent in the Dominican Republic. Santo Domingo   jsk-fellows2008 895 2007-10-16T21:38:33+00:00 0 Ezequiel_Abiu
10794392 Kathleen McCoy Good old dog Clare passed in May, 2014. Puppy arrived in August. Her name is Kiska. Anchorage   jsk-fellows2007 314 2007-12-02T21:45:12+00:00 0 kjmccoy
11688592 Mandy Jenkins GM for @CompassLocal, @McClatchy. Publisher @MahoningMatters & @LongmontLeader. @JSKStanford '19, Midwesterner, Cat Lady & @ONA board member. She/Her BK/OH/CO http://mandyjenkins.com jsk-fellows-2019 11493 2007-12-31T14:09:33+00:00 1 mjenkins
12956682 David Sarno Founder of Lighthaus (@lighthausinc): Virtual reality science education. Stanford Knight Fellow '13. @latimes tech & business writer 2006-2013 Long Beach, CA http://lighthaus.us jsk-fellows2013 7208 2008-02-01T19:54:32+00:00 0 dsarno
13371202 john temple Chairman and Co-founder, Amuse Labs San Francisco, CA https://amuselabs.com/ jsk-fellows2014 3168 2008-02-12T01:13:01+00:00 0 jtemplejrnalist
13690462 Bonnie D. Ford http://ESPN.com storyteller. Proud Oberlin alum. Omnivorous reader, traveler, viewer & listener.     jsk-fellows2001 14857 2008-02-19T21:20:30+00:00 1 Bonnie_D_Ford
14080017 Gabriel Sama Managing Editor @CNET_Es // Past @JSKStanford @ColumbiaJourn @WSJ San Francisco, California http://www.cnet.com/es jsk-fellows2010 9571 2008-03-04T21:17:53+00:00 1 gabosama
14104554 Tim Regan-Porter "Make awesome stuff & be kind while doing it." CEO, Colorado Press Association. Prev: @jskstanford, @mercerccj, @PasteMagazine, @IBM, @McClatchy     jsk-fellows-2018 16335 2008-03-08T23:59:14+00:00 0 timreganporter
14124402 Pedro Doria 🇧🇷😷 🗞 @canalmeio. 📚 Escrevo livros de história. 🎙 Falo sobre política. ⚽️ @flamengo 🏈 @stanford 📞 http://bit.ly/2HpPzVx RTs não indicam concordância Rio de Janeiro http://www.pedrodoria.com.br/ jsk-fellows2009 115197 2008-03-11T15:22:17+00:00 1 pedrodoria
14130084 Shazna Nessa Global Head of Visuals @WSJ + President, @ONA Board of Directors / Former Director, Journalism @knightfdn + @AP @CondeNast New York, NY   jsk-fellows2014 4991 2008-03-12T04:35:38+00:00 0 shazna
14145296 Susie Cagle 🔍👀💻✍️🎨 / climate, crisis, labor, business, technology, California +++ / susie.cagle@gmail / DMs always open Oakland, CA http://susiecagle.com jsk-fellows2016 23441 2008-03-14T06:12:34+00:00 1 susie_c
14173930 stacy-marie ishmael Trinidadian-at-large. Header by Alex Smailes; headshot by Kevin Abosch. She/her/they/them. My superpower is I read to the end.     jsk-fellows2017 40331 2008-03-19T01:40:02+00:00 1 s_m_i
14282158 Chris Allbritton Former journalist with @Time, @Reuters, and others. Knight '09, writer/editor. Washington, DC http://www.christopherallbritton.com jsk-fellows2009 2842 2008-04-02T10:54:43+00:00 0 chrisallbritton
14305753 𝙟𝙤𝙨𝙚 𝙯𝙖𝙢𝙤𝙧𝙖 • Comms. @UniNoticias. // @JSKstanford Fellow. Prof. @univmiami. Former @knightfdn @el_Periodico @UFMedu Law @UniofOxford MediaLaw @UTAustin MPA. OAS Scholar. Miami, FL http://www.linkedin.com/in/josecarloszamora jsk-fellows-2020 7902 2008-04-04T20:04:23+00:00 1 jczamora
14370540 jeremyhay Journalist, entrepreneur, JSK Stanford fellow '15 California, USA http://www.jeremyhay.com jsk-fellows2015 897 2008-04-12T19:21:05+00:00 0 jeremyhay
14381600 Tracie Powell Connector. Change maker. Founder. Passionate about all things digital & media. Program Officer, Borealis Philanthropy & 2016 JSK Fellow. RT ≠ endorsement Washington, DC http://www.alldigitocracy.org jsk-fellows2016 3059 2008-04-14T05:29:35+00:00 0 TMPowell
14478614 Jeff Elder Cybersecurity reporter for Business Insider. DMs open for news tips, or email jelder@businessinsider dot com. Signal 4157999085 San Francisco, CA https://www.businessinsider.com/author/jeff-elder jsk-fellows2009 87727 2008-04-22T18:54:22+00:00 1 JeffElder
14590178 Michael V. Marcotte Rethinking news, entrepreneurship and Flintstone houses. UNM Professor of Practice. Started @NMNewsPort and @NVMediaAlliance. MVM Consulting for #pubmedia. Albuquerque, NM http://mikemarcotte.com jsk-fellows2011 1176 2008-04-29T20:21:00+00:00 0 michvinmar
14615604 Denis RB lealdade, humildade e procedimento   https://epoca.globo.com/denis-r-burgierman/ jsk-fellows2008 2940 2008-05-01T15:46:23+00:00 0 denisrb
14636665 Flor Coelho La del #emojidelmate 🧉 (& Co.) / Proud @JSKStanford @LNdata & @LNnaturaleza. @ONA #HHBA #neverstoplearning Buenos Aires, Argentina   jsk-fellows-2019 11793 2008-05-03T10:16:42+00:00 1 fcoel
14699813 Zena Barakat Design director @ideo San Francisco, CA   jsk-fellows2015 2996 2008-05-08T12:55:09+00:00 1 zena_b
14715942 Umbreen Bhatti Director of @barnard_athena || Fmr Director of @KQED's innovation lab, @JSKStanford fellow, and lawyer. Tweets 100% mine. NYC https://www.linkedin.com/in/umbreenbhatti jsk-fellows2014 1993 2008-05-09T17:44:15+00:00 0 ub14
14716014 Laura Hertzfeld Storyteller, LA ambassador, midnight baker. Lost to Jeopardy James. Now #XR @thisisryot @yahoonews Then @Journalism_360 @EW @PBS Always @jskstanford #binders Los Angeles, CA http://www.newsvagabond.com/ jsk-fellows-2019 3387 2008-05-09T17:50:31+00:00 1 laurahertzfeld
14743741 federica bianchi A European storyteller fascinated by International Affairs and economic trends Rome   jsk-fellows2009 1030 2008-05-12T13:18:08+00:00 0 federicabianchi
14766481 RODRIGOCARPIO   Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA http://www.zajorynproductions.com jsk-fellows1997 60 2008-05-13T23:45:17+00:00 0 zajoryn
14769899 TimJohnson Former cybersecurity reporter at @McClatchyDC, frmr correspondent in Mexico, China. Part of 2017 Pulitzer Prize-winning team on Panama Papers Washington, DC http://www.mcclatchydc.com jsk-fellows2001 5240 2008-05-14T06:13:22+00:00 1 TimJohnson4
14849874 Matt Crenson Opinions are my own. Facts belong to no one. Washington, DC   jsk-fellows2004 189 2008-05-20T23:21:58+00:00 0 mmcrenson
14908497 luzmariahelguero Periodista, poeta, activista y deportista de remo. Fiel creyente en la democracia y la responsabilidad ciudadana. Peru   jsk-fellows2002 851 2008-05-26T12:33:00+00:00 0 luzmaria
14947379 Tran Ha Easy problems are no fun // On a break from Twitter // Find me on IG // Frmr: @stanforddschool @jskstanford @redeyechicago Chicago   jsk-fellows2014 2472 2008-05-29T19:50:13+00:00 0 tranosaurus
14984915 Andrew Haeg Move fast & bake things. Journalist + entrepreneur. GroundSource (@groundsource). MN is 🏡. Minneapolis, MN http://groundsource.co jsk-fellows2009 4958 2008-06-02T20:53:25+00:00 0 andrewhaeg
14985683 Jigar Mehta Deputy Managing Director of @dohadebates. A new project to inspire solutions to global challenges through civil discourse and debate. New York, USA http://dohadebates.com jsk-fellows2011 3619 2008-06-02T21:53:47+00:00 1 jigarmehta
15315979 Carolina Guerrero CEO of @NPR's @RadioAmbulante + @elhilopodcast. Breaking the language barrier with @LupaApp. @JSKStanford Fellow. Personal Assistant to León & Eliseo. New York, NY http://radioambulante.org jsk-fellows2015 15419 2008-07-04T07:42:02+00:00 0 nuncaduermo
15587316 JocelynNoveckAP Associated Press national culture and feature writer NYC   jsk-fellows1996 867 2008-07-24T19:25:41+00:00 0 JocelynNoveckAP
15607854 MarshaMcFadden   ÜT: 21.339917,-157.925875   jsk-fellows1995 228 2008-07-26T04:50:00+00:00 0 marshamcfadden
15751494 Roberta Oster Communications Director for @vainterfaith. Advocating economic, racial & environmental justice. Former TV news producer. tweets are my own. Richmond, Virginia http://www.robertaoster.com jsk-fellows1998 405 2008-08-06T15:57:15+00:00 0 robertaoster
15900236 Harriet A.Washington   New York City, Las Vegas, NV   jsk-fellows1998 5650 2008-08-19T03:44:42+00:00 0 haw95
15906933 Danyel Smith 📚SHINE BRIGHT: A Personal History of Black Women in Pop | @oneworldlit @randomhouse | alum: @espn @billboard @vibe | @xhrdcvrx #hrdlist #themotto mostly CA https://danyelsmith.carrd.co/ jsk-fellows2014 37569 2008-08-19T17:42:24+00:00 1 danamo
15967248 Justin Arenstein Investigative journalist & #CivicTech strategist. Manages pan-African innovation fund + tech labs. Founder at @Code4Africa + @afriLEAKS +@AfricanCIR + @HHAfrica Africa + Caucasus http://linkedin.com/in/justinarenstein jsk-fellows2010 7603 2008-08-24T07:42:34+00:00 0 justinarenstein
16018986 Brian EdwardsTiekert Co-Host, UpFront 7-9am @kpfa | Environment, Politics, Housing, Police, CA & SFBay | @CWAUnion | Fmr @JSKStanford | he/him Berkeley, CA http://www.kpfa.org jsk-fellows2017 3423 2008-08-27T22:55:11+00:00 0 bedwardstiek
16141134 hrv Journalist with @boomlive_in | Focusing on a 'vaccine' against 'fake news', half-truths, propaganda, lies via media literacy #MediaBuddhi | @jskstanford alum Stanford, Delhi, NYC, Oxford http://mediabuddhi.substack.com/ jsk-fellows-2019 3938 2008-09-05T06:14:38+00:00 1 hrvenkatesh
16212914 Natalia Mazotte Journalist & consultant working w/ data, tech, media & innovation. @jskstanford ‘20. @Abraji Director. @okfnbr ex-CEO. @escoladedados & @generonumero co-founder   https://medium.com/@NataliaMazotte jsk-fellows-2020 6143 2008-09-09T23:02:25+00:00 1 NataliaMazotte
16248718 LisaHsia EVP Digital media at @bravotv @oxygen @universalkids New York, NY http://www.bravotv.com jsk-fellows1993 1374 2008-09-11T22:17:50+00:00 0 LisaHsia
16259364 Michelle Holmes 📍 Free human, looking for adventure Indiana, USA https://www.linkedin.com/in/michelle-holmes-924b2b11/ jsk-fellows2012 4655 2008-09-12T17:26:14+00:00 1 mlh_holmes
16288136 Melissa Chan reporter, writer | sometimes @dwnews | latest on VICE News Tonight, Foreign Policy, @GlobalRepCentre. Formerly London, China/Asia, Doha, California, more 🌎.   http://www.melissachan.com jsk-fellows2013 75679 2008-09-14T22:25:38+00:00 1 melissakchan
16350120 Claudia Nunez Editor at @latimesespanol and @hrw_espanol Founder of @Migrahack immigration stories with data+tech. Love maps and lose sleep. Knight fellow ’12 @JSKstanford Los Angeles,CA   jsk-fellows2012 1428 2008-09-18T17:55:37+00:00 0 nunezcla
16390952 Akilah Johnson Now: @propublica DC. Then: @JSKstanford @BostonGlobe @SunSentinel. Always: Telling untold stories. Retweets not endorsements. she/her 💙🐩💛 Washington, DC https://www.propublica.org/people/akilah-johnson jsk-fellows-2019 7696 2008-09-21T14:10:09+00:00 1 akjohnson1922
16480721 Lynne Varner College isn't about preparing for a job, it's about preparing for a fully realized life. Associate Vice Chancellor, Washington State University Everett. Seattle   jsk-fellows2004 1468 2008-09-27T02:34:03+00:00 0 lkvarner
16556482 Emily Harris Journalist with Reveal, from The Center for Investigative Reporting United States   jsk-fellows2006 1751 2008-10-02T07:07:28+00:00 1 emilygharris
16613227 nunovargas Media, Product, Digital Strategy, Design Thinking & Tech. Ever in love with futebol, food and my family. Knight Fellow @Stanford'13 & invented @getdatastory Latin America + Porto,Portugal http://www.linkedin.com/in/vargasnuno/ jsk-fellows2013 2277 2008-10-06T12:54:28+00:00 0 nunovargas
16622367 Antonio Ruiz-Camacho Not there yet | BAREFOOT DOGS | Writing @nytimes @TexasMonthly @salon @TexasHighways et al | @JSKstanford @ut_english alum Austin http://antonioruizcamacho.com jsk-fellows2009 1454 2008-10-06T23:33:29+00:00 1 aruizcamacho
16672162 Veronica Flores-Paniagua External Affairs Advisor @Chevron, ex-journo, #energy & #education policy junkie; @UHouston-ex; #runner; 2000 @JSKStanford fellow. RT ≠ endorsement iPhone: 29.463654,-98.473572 http://www.chevron.com jsk-fellows2000 3951 2008-10-09T19:37:34+00:00 1 vxflores
16679508 Geri Smith Spent 3 decades as foreign correspondent in Latin America. Handle media relations for Inter-American Development Bank. All postings reflect personal views only. Washington, D.C.   jsk-fellows2009 774 2008-10-10T04:43:07+00:00 0 GeriLSmith
16679681 Stephanie Banchero Stephanie Banchero. Education Program Director at @JoyceFdn Former Wall Street Journal education reporter; Utah Jazz fan; shameless lover of corndogs & DWTS. Chicago, IL http://www.joycefdn.org jsk-fellows2009 9243 2008-10-10T05:05:16+00:00 1 sbanchero
16700673 Rock’em Sock’em Rosie @WPR, @JSKstanford ‘18, public radio fanatic, often on eight wheels. Madison, WI   jsk-fellows-2018 434 2008-10-11T21:50:07+00:00 0 jenniferdargan
16911536 Amy Virshup Travel editor of @nytimes. @nytimestravel I've traded Metro for the world. Follow me! New York, NY https://www.nytimes.com/section/travel jsk-fellows1995 9207 2008-10-22T19:41:36+00:00 1 amyvirshup
17000789 Matt Kiefer R&D for #FOIA + investigations @washingtonpost #jsk20 fellow FOIAmail creator @chicagoreporter alum @NEIU grad @headlineclub @IRE_NICAR #bikechi til I die Chicago http://github.com/mattkiefer jsk-fellows-2020 1587 2008-10-27T15:51:18+00:00 0 matt_kiefer
17018840 Kevin Sullivan Washington Post Senior Correspondent. Author, with Mary Jordan, of 'Trump on Trial.' Out 8/25/2020. Pre-orders now! Washington DC http://washingtonpost.com jsk-fellows2000 4364 2008-10-28T10:42:23+00:00 1 sullivank
17027157 Juan Castillo Editorial Page Editor at the Austin American-Statesman. Austin, TX, USA   jsk-fellows2003 1101 2008-10-28T19:42:55+00:00 0 JuanCastilloAAS
17033026 Gabriela Mafort Branded Content and Video Branding Consultant. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil http://about.me/gmafort jsk-fellows2011 453 2008-10-29T01:22:33+00:00 0 gmafort
17270262 Tom Hamburger Reporter for The Washington Post covering the intersection of money and politics. tom.hamburger@washpost.com Washington, D.C. http://www.washingtonpost.com/tom-hamburger/2012/03/05/gIQABXKfTS_page.html jsk-fellows1996 31856 2008-11-09T16:20:46+00:00 0 thamburger
17272464 aaronhuey Aaron Huey is a National Geographic photographer, a Stanford http://d.School Global Ambassador, and the father of Hawkeye and Juno. Seattle http://www.aaronhuey.com jsk-fellows2012 3683 2008-11-09T19:11:32+00:00 0 aaronhuey
17290577 Diane Cardwell Former @nytimes reporter. Author ROCKAWAY: Surfing Headlong Into a New Life, a surfing memoir. 7/7/2020, @HMHbooks. Lives, gardens & surfs in Rockaway Beach. New York https://dianecardwell.com jsk-fellows2009 3617 2008-11-10T17:25:04+00:00 0 ByDianeCardwell
17455049 George Haj President, @hajmediainc, a strategic communications firm. Recovering journalist. Former @miamiherald, @jskstanford, @ALMMedia, @houstonchron   http://hajmedia.com jsk-fellows2000 3070 2008-11-18T00:57:30+00:00 1 georgehaj
17511846 carlosmartinezserna Program Director @pressfreedom Journalism & human rights New York, NY   jsk-fellows2014 2014 2008-11-20T14:23:06+00:00 0 cmdelaserna
17526481 Yvonne Leow building @bewildercamp ⛺we're currently looking for beta campers! let us plan your next camping trip. San Francisco, CA http://www.yvonneleow.com jsk-fellows2015 3655 2008-11-21T00:08:02+00:00 0 YvonneLeow
17667060 Eric Pape Writer, editor, immersive storyteller. Ex-correspondent: @Newsweek, @Spin, @CivilBeat. Ex-contributor: @LATimes, @ForeignPolicy, @DailyBeast. Bylines: @NYT... Los Angeles, CA https://ericpape.journoportfolio.com/ jsk-fellows2008 1433 2008-11-27T02:30:32+00:00 1 ericpape
17677665 Geoff McGhee Data vis & multimedia journalism, variously @TheWaterDesk @WestCenter. Former @jskstanford, @lemondefr, @nytimes, @NatGeo My opinions only. Seattle http://www.geoffmcghee.com jsk-fellows2010 3119 2008-11-27T13:26:22+00:00 0 mcgeoff
17684905 John Boudreau Vietnam bureau chief, Bloomberg News; formerly @mercnews Retweet ≠ endorsement. Hanoi, Vietnam http://www.bloomberg.com jsk-fellows1998 1776 2008-11-27T18:31:36+00:00 1 svwriter
17701416 Beth Duff-Brown Stanford staff writer; views here my own. Past: AP foreign correspondent, @JSKStanford fellow, Peace Corps. Writing book about one remarkable village in Congo. Stanford, CA http://www.bethduffbrown.com jsk-fellows2011 1441 2008-11-28T06:35:16+00:00 0 bethduffbrown
17714681 Frederic Filloux Entrepreneur (http://Deepnews.ai), editor of http://mondaynote.com, associate journalism professor at Sciences Po J-school in Paris. Paris, France https://mondaynote.com jsk-fellows2017 9008 2008-11-28T18:03:11+00:00 0 filloux
17768092 carola fuentes Periodista, documentalista y socia de @laventanacine. Nuestro propósito: investigar, producir y difundir contenidos que generen impacto positivo en la audiencia chile http://www.laventanacine.com jsk-fellows2006 90026 2008-12-01T01:35:13+00:00 0 carolafuentes
17787248 Richard Gonzales NPR       jsk-fellows1995 228 2008-12-01T19:55:08+00:00 0 RichardGonzalesNPR
18139193 Adriano Farano I've built a company, a pizza oven and a family. Not necessarily in that order. Now Pane Vivo. Ex @Plex @Watchup @StartX @jskstanford @cafebabel_eng Paris, France http://adrianofarano.com jsk-fellows2011 3115 2008-12-15T16:07:32+00:00 0 farano
18149456 jerrylarge Seattle Times columnist. jlarge@seattletimes.com, Column interests: education, inequality, science and technology and interesting people. Seattle, WA   jsk-fellows2001 1349 2008-12-15T23:00:06+00:00 1 jerrylarge
18197783 Leslie Casimir Freelance journalist San Francisco   jsk-fellows2007 48 2008-12-17T19:54:56+00:00 0 lcasimir
18231471 Andrew Finlayson EVP Digital/Social Strategy @SmithGeiger Helping storytellers on screens with research on 📺 OTT, video, SEO, website, mobile Author "Questions That Work" 👇 818-874-2000 http://questionswork.com jsk-fellows2010 1891 2008-12-19T01:49:46+00:00 0 questionswork
18257896 Ryan Nakashima Product manager, digital subscriptions, Bay Area News Group. Dad. Former @AP. @JSKstanford fellow ‘16-17. rnakashima@bayareanewsgroup.com   https://medium.com/@rnakashi jsk-fellows2017 2068 2008-12-20T01:19:04+00:00 0 rnakashi
18433533 Janet Rae-Dupree Freelance Unboxed Media writer covering innovation, emerging tech, science and more #Binders Silicon Valley http://www.linkedin.com/in/jraedupree jsk-fellows2006 2473 2008-12-28T20:25:40+00:00 0 jraedupree
18454770 🔅Don Day http://BoiseDev.com publisher covering the story of Idaho’s future. @JSKstanford Fellow. Spent 18 years in traditional media, now reinventing local news. Boise, ID http://linkedin.com/in/donday jsk-fellows-2018 7036 2008-12-29T17:56:56+00:00 1 DonLDay
18482570 John Fensterwald Reporter, @EdSource, great site on California early ed, K-12, higher ed news/policies, committed to equity, #CAStudentsMatter; #GoWarriors San Jose, California http://www.edsource.org/today jsk-fellows1997 7841 2008-12-30T17:35:09+00:00 1 jfenster
18734088 Marcia Stepanek Journalist, author, speaker, Columbia faculty, focused on how digital voices/crowds interact with traditional power http://about.me/marciastepanek New York City http://marciastepanek.com jsk-fellows1996 5219 2009-01-07T19:28:12+00:00 0 CauseGlobal
18862139 maureenfan Researching a family memoir about my grandfather's legacy and a long-lost aunt. Former Knight Fellow, ex-WashPost Beijing correspondent. RT ≠ endorsement. San Francisco Bay Area http://www.maureenfan.com jsk-fellows2010 1455 2009-01-11T09:26:43+00:00 0 maureenfan
18912392 Attila Mong journalist//consultant @DW_Akademie // Europe correspondent for @pressfreedom // board member @Atlatszo // @JSKStanford Fellow//Stronger& lighter after #cancer. Berlin   jsk-fellows2013 9395 2009-01-12T19:45:35+00:00 1 attilamong
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