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18912392 Attila Mong journalist//consultant @DW_Akademie // Europe correspondent for @pressfreedom // board member @Atlatszo // @JSKStanford Fellow//Stronger& lighter after #cancer. Berlin   jsk-fellows2013 9395 2009-01-12T19:45:35+00:00 1 attilamong
19041319 Peter H. Lewis Noble Prize-nominated writer, Enemy of the People, ex NYT Asheville, NC http://www.peterlewis.com jsk-fellows2010 1935 2009-01-15T22:01:05+00:00 0 peterhlewis
19086064 janinezacharia Ex-WashPost Jerusalem/Mideast correspondent. Now teaching journalism at Stanford, writing on tech/national security, international affairs, media. Stanford http://janinezacharia.net jsk-fellows2009 3958 2009-01-16T21:18:26+00:00 0 janinezacharia
19086179 Babak Dehghanpisheh Senior correspondent at Thomson Reuters. Opinions are my own. Beirut   jsk-fellows2009 5595 2009-01-16T21:21:08+00:00 0 BabakDehghan
19138916 Zeba Khan Librarian's daughter | Caregiver (again) | Race, religion, identity politics | Fellow @JSKstanford | former @theopedproject | she/her Palo Alto, CA   jsk-fellows-2018 4132 2009-01-18T07:16:21+00:00 0 zebakhan
19152977 Farai Chideya Journalist, Academic, Author, The Episodic Career NYC and Globally http://farai.com/the-episodic-career/ jsk-fellows2002 43413 2009-01-18T18:36:51+00:00 0 farai
19169884 Karen Breslau Relapsing journalist, p/t strategist, and f/t citizen Oakland, CA   jsk-fellows1999 246 2009-01-19T03:29:33+00:00 0 kbreslau
19244373 Tom Davidson Attempting to invent the future of media without blowing up Beeker in the process. Opinions here are mine, not those of employers past, present or future. SEVa, Tysons Corner, and I-95 http://tgdavidson.com jsk-fellows1999 843 2009-01-20T16:47:45+00:00 0 tgdavidson
19257632 Aaron Foley Black Media Initiative director @CCMNewmarkJ | priors @jskstanford '20, @cityofdetroit storyteller | ✊🏽🏳️‍🌈 | books @belt_publishing | email 👍🏽, DMs 👎🏽 NY borough/Detroit thorough http://www.aaronkfoley.com jsk-fellows-2020 6733 2009-01-20T21:10:41+00:00 0 aaronkfoley
19339650 Gini Sikes Standup Comic, Filmmaker, Journalist. Writer/Producer Equal Means Equal; Author 8Ball Chicks: A Year in the Violent World of Girl Gangs Los Angeles, CA   jsk-fellows2001 211 2009-01-22T14:18:01+00:00 0 8ballchicks
19528008 sergey kuznetsov       jsk-fellows2002 788 2009-01-26T10:35:31+00:00 0 skuzn
19587103 Andrew Purvis Journalist and bureau chief, formerly w/ @TIME in Africa, eastern Europe, Turkey, Balkans, Germany. Consultant w/ UN Refugee Agency. Missing...Beirut. San Francisco http://about.me/andrewcpurvis jsk-fellows2010 1112 2009-01-27T11:19:44+00:00 0 ANDREWCPURVIS
19727405 Michael Lindenberger Deputy Opinion Editor at Houston Chronicle | Ex: DC correspondent & edit board @dallasnews | ‘13 @jskstanford | @LouisvilleLaw grad | @Time @TNR Dallas, TX http://about.me/lindenberger jsk-fellows2013 2409 2009-01-29T19:11:06+00:00 1 Lindenberger
20188770 \ Tweets are my own     jsk-fellows1997 456 2009-02-05T21:11:25+00:00 0 gannonbill
20253808 Andrea Bernstein Co-host Trump, Inc. podcast from @WNYC & @ProPublica; NYT best-selling author: AMERICAN OLIGARCHS: The Kushners, The Trumps, and the Marriage of Money and Power New York, NY http://AndreaBernsteinBook.com jsk-fellows2007 27495 2009-02-06T17:29:43+00:00 1 AndreaWNYC
20392133 Dan Archer Graphic Journalist and live sketcher http://Instagram.com/archcomix Portfolio: http://www.archcomix.com London/New York http://www.patreon.com/archcomix jsk-fellows2011 3236 2009-02-08T20:57:36+00:00 0 archcomix
20580890 xiaoming John S. Knight Fellow at Stanford. Living in Palo Alto, CA. 30.235821,120.435787   jsk-fellows2013 274 2009-02-11T09:39:39+00:00 0 lixiaoming
20632365 barbara roessner       jsk-fellows2004 20 2009-02-11T21:54:11+00:00 0 broessner
20846696 Tomasz Deptula       jsk-fellows2005 15 2009-02-14T13:27:41+00:00 0 tomekdep
20932059 Imtiaz Ali   Peshawar -- Washington D.C   jsk-fellows2007 682 2009-02-15T19:51:32+00:00 0 imtiaz999
20951229 Mary Aviles But first, the facts. Bay Area   jsk-fellows2013 987 2009-02-16T00:45:08+00:00 0 Avilesm
21022307 Barbara Brotman Writer, hiker, former Chicago Tribune columnist, current freelancer. I love swimming, hug trees and wish Chicago had mountains. Chicago, Ill. http://archives.chicagotribune.com/writers/barbara-brotman jsk-fellows2004 1003 2009-02-16T20:19:59+00:00 0 BarbaraBrotman
21120375 John Duncan Head of development at Mad Mobile in Tampa. Doing big interesting things that aren't easy and which require a bunch of smart people to enjoy working together Tampa http://www.madmobile.com jsk-fellows2010 60 2009-02-17T19:27:19+00:00 0 inksniffer
21165536 james t. areddy jta formerly Shanghai http://www.suburbaphobia.com jsk-fellows2002 2784 2009-02-18T03:38:23+00:00 1 jamestareddy
21404432 Eric Weiner NYT bestselling author. Wanderer. @NPR alum. My new book, THE SOCRATES EXPRESS, is out now! Washington, DC http://www.ericweinerbooks.com jsk-fellows2004 6593 2009-02-20T15:21:40+00:00 1 Eric_Weiner
21538116 Helen Ubiñas National award-winning and losing columnist. Welcome to my teeny tiny newsletter. Y’all already know there aren’t enough journalists of color in newsrooms. Philadelphia, PA http://www.philly.com/philly/columnists/helen_ubinas jsk-fellows2008 11967 2009-02-22T02:29:10+00:00 1 NotesFromHeL
21678279 Agaricus Random and untidy. For Personal Science/Quantified Self, follow @quantifiedself. Some archived journalism here: http://antephase.com/archives     jsk-fellows2006 4014 2009-02-23T18:39:32+00:00 0 agaricus
21783956 gary marx Chicago Tribune investigative reporter. Chicago http://trib.in/2aLM20k jsk-fellows2002 2127 2009-02-24T19:09:20+00:00 0 garyjmarx
21901213 Paddy Hirsch Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.   http://www.paddyhirsch.com jsk-fellows2011 7665 2009-02-25T18:49:06+00:00 1 paddyhirsch
22167981 Craig Timberg Longtime WashPost reporter, editor and author now covering technology Washington, DC https://www.washingtonpost.com/people/craig-timberg/?utm_term=.62c2bd0c02da jsk-fellows2016 4810 2009-02-27T18:02:48+00:00 0 craigtimberg
22252782 Julie M. McCarthy National Public Radio Southeast Asia Correspondent. Currently Manila Bureau Chief. Any opinion expressed here is my own, and re-tweets are not endorsements. Southeast Asia http://www.npr.org jsk-fellows2003 4845 2009-02-28T13:03:53+00:00 1 JulieMcCarthyJM
22455550 T O N Y A Host of @NPR’s @Hereandnow & @TruthBeToldKQED @JSKStanford. @mizzou. Made in Detroit. she/her. #deartbt Los Angeles, CA   jsk-fellows2016 9048 2009-03-02T05:31:47+00:00 1 TonyaMosley
22746299 Arieh O'Sullivan I am a correspondent and anchor at Israel Public Radio English news in Israel, registered Tour Guide, whiskey brewer and storyteller from Elah Valley     jsk-fellows2003 150 2009-03-04T07:34:23+00:00 0 ariehos
22869559 Andy Donohue managing editor @reveal CALIFORNIA https://www.revealnews.org/author/andrew-d-donohue jsk-fellows2013 7521 2009-03-05T02:55:54+00:00 1 add
22929310 Jason Seiken Digital since before digital was a thing. Washington Post, PBS, Daily Telegraph, etc.. Non-digital father and husband. London http://www.qcatalyst.com jsk-fellows1994 2687 2009-03-05T15:10:52+00:00 1 jseiken
23757441 Hugo Rupert   stanford U   jsk-fellows2011 90 2009-03-11T12:50:26+00:00 0 hugorupert
23795899 Jim Walsh Mr. Brightside Minneapolis, MN   jsk-fellows2003 3095 2009-03-11T17:33:08+00:00 0 saintfabio
24224268 Naomi Starkman founder/eic @CivilEats | support independent media: http://civileats.com/donate/ http://civileats.com/subscribe/ NorCal http://www.civileats.com jsk-fellows2016 35977 2009-03-13T18:39:57+00:00 1 NaomiStarkman
24334685 Aela Callan Ella with an A. Co-founder of @setyourhead an immersive learning ecosystem to keep journalists safe with a strong mindset. @JSKStanford alum Beirut, Lebanon http://www.headset.studio jsk-fellows2014 4920 2009-03-14T05:21:02+00:00 1 aelacallan
24346858 J. Mariani-Belding Writer. Communicator. Marketer. Lover of good wine and cheese. Living my best life, with gratitude. California, USA   jsk-fellows2003 30 2009-03-14T08:10:36+00:00 0 jmbelding
24661811 Michael Grant Teaching Fellow @Google News Lab. Founder of Get Current Studio. Priors: UX @Reveal, @JSKstanford Fellow '18, @StarTribune + @SFChronicle. Views are my own. Menlo Park, CA https://mikegrant.me jsk-fellows-2018 2355 2009-03-16T07:02:19+00:00 0 mikegrantme
24808107 teru kuwayama Seeker. Ex-IG/FB, JSK Fellow at Stanford, Ochberg Fellow at Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma, Senior TED Fellow, Hoover Institution media fellow. NYC http://www.about.me/terukuwayama jsk-fellows2010 2427 2009-03-17T00:48:13+00:00 0 terukuwayama
25029808 Guilherme Amado Jornalista. Colunista na @RevistaEpoca e na @cbnoficial. @ICIJorg member. @Abraji VP. @JSKStanford fellow. http://Instagram.com/guilhermeamado Brazil https://epoca.globo.com/guilherme-amado/ jsk-fellows-2018 40647 2009-03-18T04:47:23+00:00 1 guilherme_amado
25603541 Jacqueline Park Journalist/Editor, social entrepreneur. Publishes The Story APAC; Alum: #SpliceBeta @walkleys @JSK Stanford @IFJ @IFEX +Founding ed Walkley Mag Sydney, Eora Nation   jsk-fellows2016 1250 2009-03-20T23:58:42+00:00 0 jacquipark
26006398 Jenée Editor. Writer. Subtweeter. Now: @NYTOpinion staff editor, @TheOpedProject mentor + sensitivity reader for hire. Then: @Voxdotcom @TheRoot @Harvard Law @HowardU   https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeneed/ jsk-fellows2016 28048 2009-03-23T14:08:25+00:00 1 jdesmondharris
26334203 Andrew Maykuth Philadelphia Inquirer business reporter. I cover energy and gambling. Go figure. Philadelphia, Pa. http://www.philly.com jsk-fellows2003 2631 2009-03-24T21:52:53+00:00 1 Maykuth
26336913 Frances Robles I cover Puerto Rico, Central America, and file investigative reports from Florida and beyond for the @nytimes. https://www.nytimes.com/by/frances-robles?8qa Florida, USA http://www.nytimes.com/by/frances-robles jsk-fellows2005 23422 2009-03-24T22:05:08+00:00 1 FrancesRobles
27921386 alexa schirtzinger product marketing @google | former @salesforce @JSKStanford @columbiajourn | usual disclaimers San Francisco http://medium.com/@aschirtz jsk-fellows2014 2428 2009-03-31T17:46:59+00:00 0 aschirtz
27981533 Elaine Ray Journalist, writer, family historian, Stanford, CA http://www.ebenezerray.com jsk-fellows1996 136 2009-03-31T22:31:19+00:00 0 theparagrapher
28113052 Beth Fouhy Senior editor, politics, NBC News and MSNBC New York, NY http://www.msnbc.com jsk-fellows2002 14462 2009-04-01T14:15:21+00:00 1 bfouhy
28292957 HuShuli | 胡舒立 《财经》杂志主编 Editor,Caijing Beijing http://www.caijing.com.cn jsk-fellows1995 18563 2009-04-02T06:11:41+00:00 0 HuShuli
28293072 who   Kowloon City District   jsk-fellows1995 6230 2009-04-02T06:12:42+00:00 0 who_blgw2017
29006114 Latoya Peterson Cyborg // Goddess // Storyteller //Technologist. Cofounder/CXO ✨@GlowUpGames✨Making: @InsecureGame Always: @Racialicious. @Techstars '20. Chillin on Clubhouse Quarantined http://glowup.games/ jsk-fellows2013 15190 2009-04-05T15:45:34+00:00 1 LatoyaPeterson
29674586 Chanda Chisala Entrepreneur and writer. Los Angeles / NYC   jsk-fellows2009 492 2009-04-08T08:30:21+00:00 0 chandachisala
29932001 Barbara E. Allen   Stanford!   jsk-fellows2013 268 2009-04-09T05:47:18+00:00 0 BA1245
30117765 Marcelo Rubens Paiva     http://blog.estadao.com.br/blog/marcelorubenspaiva/ jsk-fellows1995 829678 2009-04-10T01:14:01+00:00 1 marcelorubens
31150056 izabela moi journalist. jornalista. journaliste. periodista. giornalista.     jsk-fellows2015 309 2009-04-14T15:43:48+00:00 0 izamoi
31303305 agnes cusack Journalist Melbourne http://www.newaustraliamedia.org jsk-fellows2002 107 2009-04-15T01:57:51+00:00 0 agnescusack
32129142 Carol Rosenberg Covers Guantánamo, the place, policy, people and war court for The New York Times with the generous support of the Pulitzer Center. USA https://www.nytimes.com/by/carol-rosenberg jsk-fellows1995 35061 2009-04-16T19:52:21+00:00 1 carolrosenberg
32138947 Kevin McKenna Deputy Business Editor, The New York Times. I teach editing at Baruch College, too.     jsk-fellows1998 2230 2009-04-16T20:24:34+00:00 0 kemcke
32995666 Maria Ronderos periodista colombiana London, England   jsk-fellows1997 22378 2009-04-18T20:08:57+00:00 0 mtronderos
33098630 Beatrice Motamedi John S. Knight Fellow at Stanford University 2014-15. Founder, Global Student Square. Co-director, Newsroom by the Bay. Adding youth voice to the news ecosystem Oakland, California http://beatricemotamedi.com/ jsk-fellows2015 513 2009-04-19T02:26:00+00:00 0 writergirl
33155287 Keli “Wears a Fashionable Mask” Dailey teach @MillsCollege + @stmarysca, creator of #SurvivingSanFrancisco + @newshangover, alum @jskstanford + @ucbsoj, doing comedy + news Texas-bred/San Francisco-based http://www.kelidailey.com jsk-fellows2014 4037 2009-04-19T07:19:02+00:00 0 kelidailey
33870340 Jodi Upton Data journalist. Avid counter of all things. Constantly curious. Fan of dogs, gardens and cake. Syracuse, N.Y. https://newhouse.syr.edu/faculty-staff/jodi-upton jsk-fellows2003 1210 2009-04-21T10:48:03+00:00 0 jodiupton
33964434 Donna Borak Adjunct Faculty @NYU. Senior Economics Journalist. Alum of @CNN @WSJ @AP @AmerBanker and @UPI. 2015 JSK @Stanford Fellow. Yoga teacher. 🧘‍♀️ Globetrotter. Washington   jsk-fellows2015 5960 2009-04-21T17:00:53+00:00 1 donnaborak
34060703 Juan Pablo Meneses Director en @UniPortatil /Profesor en @Uchile y @UABBarcelona /Antes @Stanford, @NYUniversity, @Usach /Escritor de no ficción / Seguidor de la religión portátil Santiago, Chile http://uportatil.org jsk-fellows2017 9843 2009-04-21T22:03:56+00:00 0 menesesportatil
34687443 krissy clark Journalist. Make & Host The Uncertain Hour podcast for @Marketplace exploring things we fight a lot about but know just a little about. ❤️ maps los angeles https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-uncertain-hour/id1091031079?mt=2 jsk-fellows2010 3748 2009-04-23T18:28:03+00:00 1 kristianiaclark
34827824 Justine Gubar Docs, News, Investigations. Author of Fanaticus. National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. Wes grad. Former Knight Fellow. Back in NYC. New York, NY http://www.Fanaticusthebook.com jsk-fellows2007 1220 2009-04-24T03:08:16+00:00 1 justinegub
36063042 Di Pinheiro Journalist, 2011 Fellow @JSKStanford. Former Editor @WSJAmericas and @WSJPortugues; goes from flower girl to street fighter, batman style, whenever required. New York, NY http://wsj.com/brazil jsk-fellows2011 485 2009-04-28T13:24:41+00:00 0 dipinheiro
36388506 Bob Drogin Washington Deputy Bureau Chief for Los Angeles Times / author of Curveball Washington, DC   jsk-fellows1998 658 2009-04-29T15:43:56+00:00 0 BobDrogin
38621496 Nadia Trinidad Head of ABS CBN News Channel, Knight Fellow, foodie, living each day as it comes. Views expressed are my own, not ABS-CBN's.   http://anc.abs-cbnnews.com jsk-fellows2010 17746 2009-05-08T06:36:42+00:00 0 nadiatrinidad
39021657 Anita Zielina Innovation, product, biz models, change in digital/media. 💪 Training innovative leaders @newmarkjschool. Alum @insead @jskstanford @nzz @sternde @derstandardat New York, USA https://www.journalism.cuny.edu/executive-ed jsk-fellows2012 46350 2009-05-10T09:02:13+00:00 1 Zielina
39592148 steven dudley Co-director of InSight Crime, longtime crime & public security reporter; author of MS-13: The Making of America's Most Notorious Gang (HarperCollins, 2020).   http://www.stevendudley.com jsk-fellows2008 5239 2009-05-12T20:48:53+00:00 0 stevensdudley
40381878 Kim Komenich   Mill Valley, CA http://kimkom.com jsk-fellows1994 108 2009-05-16T01:35:04+00:00 0 kimkom
41007644 Matthew B. Stannard       jsk-fellows2008 16 2009-05-19T00:11:54+00:00 0 MBStannard
41653397 Anna Gielewska @JSKstanford Fellow20 | Vice-chairman @FReporterow |@vsquare_project | Political and investigative journalist, focused on countering disinformation. Warsaw, Poland   jsk-fellows-2020 7276 2009-05-21T19:10:06+00:00 0 agielewska
43439375 Carlos Dada Periodista @_ElFaro_ La Libertad, El Salvador http://www.elfaro.net jsk-fellows2005 50691 2009-05-29T23:59:05+00:00 0 CarlosDada
43767782 Elodie MaillietStorm CEO at CatchLight. Los Gatos, CA   jsk-fellows2017 606 2009-05-31T22:18:52+00:00 0 elodiemailliet
44067999 Geri Migielicz Lorry I Lokey Professional of Journalism Practice Stanford University Graduate Program in Journalism Santa Cruz, Ca, USA http://story4.org jsk-fellows2005 311 2009-06-02T05:41:47+00:00 0 gmigielicz
44911552 Mariana Santos CEO @poderosaschicas Stanford @JSK Fellow @KnightFoundation Innovation Chair @FIU @ICFJKnight @guardian swim & surf Rio de Janeiro, Brazil https://about.me/mariana.santos jsk-fellows2015 7608 2009-06-05T15:07:34+00:00 0 marysaints
46241234 Mike Swift Journalist at global crossroad of tech & law, focused on privacy, security. Chief Digital Risk Correspondent for @MLexclusive. Frmr @JSKStanford: swift@mlex.com Half Moon Bay, CA http://mlexmarketinsight.com/mike-swift/ jsk-fellows2006 6026 2009-06-10T22:14:58+00:00 1 Swiftstories
46514922 Jane Armstrong CBC Vancouver, copy editor. Former Globe and Mail correspondent, Serena Williams fan Vancouver, B.C.   jsk-fellows2001 1083 2009-06-11T22:54:28+00:00 1 EJaneArmstrong
46518958 Chloe Veltman Arts & Culture Reporter at @KQED San Francisco, CA http://www.chloeveltman.com jsk-fellows2012 2181 2009-06-11T23:14:41+00:00 0 chloeveltman
46676538 David Stabler Writer and teacher. Pianist. Cyclist. davidstabler1@gmail.com Portland, Oregon http://davidstabler.net jsk-fellows2001 1378 2009-06-12T15:36:05+00:00 0 davidstabler
47600390 Marcus Herbert Once I did TV. Now I do digital. It will happen to us all. Editor in Chief at http://Moneysavingexpert.com, but these views are my own. Or my children's. Glasgow   jsk-fellows2010 397 2009-06-16T11:19:44+00:00 0 marcusherbert
47854857 Alastair Leithead BBC Africa Correspondent, checked out of California, great to be back on the continent. Ex-Asia, ex-Kabul. Tweeting and reporting across sub-Saharan Africa. Nairobi, Kenya   jsk-fellows-2020 14978 2009-06-17T04:26:19+00:00 1 aleithead
47898401 Titus Plattner Innovation projects & investigative reporter @Tamedia l @JSKstanford 18' l @ICIJorg Network Committee l Board of Swiss FOIA I coauthor @LaPremiereVague Lausanne, Suisse https://keybase.io/titus jsk-fellows-2018 2094 2009-06-17T08:26:57+00:00 0 titusplattner
48068105 Beth Daley Editor and General Manager @ConversationUS. Proud alum of @InsideClimate, @NECIRBU, @BostonGlobe, @JSKStanford. Boston, MA https://theconversation.com/us jsk-fellows2012 3306 2009-06-17T18:49:40+00:00 0 BethBDaley
48140747 Patricia Mercado S. Mujer, madre, periodista. En la búsqueda constante... Iniciando proyectos y caminos propios. Directora de @Conectmigrante Al lado de Carlos Miguel http://www.conexionmigrante.com jsk-fellows2007 4611 2009-06-17T22:21:43+00:00 0 Patmercado
48193439 drigarcia Journalism, Creativity, Innovation. Teaching Fellow at Google News Initiative. Co-founder of Orbital Midia. @jskstanford 12'/13' São Paulo, Brasil http://about.me/adrianagarciamartinez jsk-fellows2013 512 2009-06-18T01:20:51+00:00 0 drigarcia
49554368 Kay Johnson Reuters bureau chief for Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. RT = not endorsements, sometimes bookmarks. Asia   jsk-fellows2004 2356 2009-06-22T06:13:15+00:00 1 kayatrtrz
49565987 Dionne Bunsha Journalist-author from India, works on human rights, environment, social justice. Loves the sea and sun. Always asking why? Vancouver, Canada http://www.dionnebunsha.com jsk-fellows2009 394 2009-06-22T07:29:17+00:00 0 dionnebunsha
50379519 Sonni Efron President & COO, National Press Foundation. Journalism, foreign policy, democracy, human rights, technology, free expression, opinions my own, RTs not. Washington DC http://www.nationalpress.org jsk-fellows2002 403 2009-06-24T17:55:58+00:00 0 sonniefron
51893064 Pablo González Journalist. Former Bloomberg, Debtwire, 3 Puntos, Perfil, Pagina/12, Jornal do Brasil. Stanford Knight Fellow. UNC. Cordoba, Buenos Aires, Palo Alto, Sao Paulo. South America   jsk-fellows2004 2663 2009-06-29T00:16:32+00:00 1 Pablo_Rosendo
54331654 Anh Hoà TRUONG Innovation Project Leader, VR Journalist, Science Writer, 2015 JSK Fellow at Stanford. Based in Cali. Born in France. Good food / good company lover. California http://vr-journalism.tumblr.com/ jsk-fellows2015 332 2009-07-06T21:01:51+00:00 0 AnhhoaTruong
55273455 Christianne Gonzalez Online media consultant Silicon Valley http://www.brasilnewscom.com jsk-fellows2007 66 2009-07-09T15:52:45+00:00 0 brasilnewscom
55300229 Ronny Rojas Tico. Investigative reporter. @TelemundoNews @newmarkjschool @JSKstanford '19. Before @Uninoticias; @OCCRP; @nacion ronny.rojas@journalism.cuny.edu New York, NY   jsk-fellows-2019 1716 2009-07-09T17:28:26+00:00 0 ronnyrojas
55363786 Jerry Capeci Expert on the American Mafia and organized crime. Award-winning journalist. Gang Land News columnist. Contact Jerry at column02@ganglandnews.com New York http://ganglandnews.com jsk-fellows1996 1561 2009-07-09T21:11:39+00:00 0 ganglandnews
56245064 Stephen Magagnini independent journalist covering ethnic affairs, race relations, immigration, tribal affairs, faith issues and human rights California, USA http://sacbee.com jsk-fellows2002 1125 2009-07-13T01:12:53+00:00 0 SteveMagagnini
56355598 Colleen Barry Reporting on Italy for the Associated Press. You name it.     jsk-fellows2005 544 2009-07-13T12:08:38+00:00 0 CollBarry

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